40 co*cktails To Celebrate National Martini Day (2024)

Martinis are the most classic of co*cktails, and whether enjoyed shaken or stirred, dirty or with a twist, it’s always a perfect way to begin a special evening.

National Martini Day is June 19, and on this day the martini is very deservedly honored. Whether you go for a tried-and-true classic or an exciting variation, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a great time.

Martini Rafraîchir

This beautiful co*cktail at Brasserie B by Bobby Flay at Caesars Palace Las Vegas is made with Grey Goose vodka or Sipsmith Gin, Chareau, lime, cucumber and mint. “The martini is the drink I always think of when I imagine customers hanging out at the bar at Brasserie B. We created a specific martini list that combines classic styling with modern accents to the co*cktails. The Martini Rafraîchir is named for its cooling and refreshing undertones of cucumber, mint and lime. A perfect warm weather martini for Las Vegas,” said celebrity chef Bobby Flay.

Black Truffle-Blue Cheese Martini

At Strip House steakhouse, with locations in New York City and Las Vegas, the signature co*cktail is the Black Truffle-Blue Cheese Martini. This is an upgrade to the classic martini with savory additions. “Indulge in a modern twist on the classic martini with our Black Truffle-Blue Cheese Martini. Made with Chopin Vera Wang Vodka and garnished with hand-stuffed black truffle blue cheese olives, it’s the ultimate way to celebrate National Martini Day in style,” said Travis Hinkle, Corporate Beverage Manager at Landry’s.

The Affair To Remember

At Cathedrale in New York City, this opulent spin on the classic dirty martini is made with Belvedere Lake Bartężek Single Estate Rye Vodka, Salers Aperitif, olive brine, Beausoleil oyster, Kaluga caviar, a gold leaf, and a deconstructed Castelvetrano olive. "The Affair to Remember is the perfect co*cktail to indulge in; a dirty martini poured over a large clear ice cube, topped with a gilded caviar oyster and a deconstructed Castelvetrano olive. Paring a favorite classic co*cktail with a timeless small bite garnish to create a decadent showpiece that’s sure to take your co*cktail hour to the next level. The salinity of the dirty martini highlights the savory briny notes of the oyster and caviar. The touch of gold leaf covering the caviar is the perfect finishing flair!" said Nikki McCutcheon, Sr. Director of Beverage, East Region for TAO Hospitality.


Peter Luger Martini

At a spot legendary for their steaks, it is only fair they’d also have a notable martini on their menu. “Just as our restaurant is one of the most classic, old-school dining experiences one could have in New York City, the same goes for our martini,” said Jamie Brill, head bartender at Peter Luger Steak House in New York City. “We keep it simple, cold, and properly proportioned, with a generous pour of either vodka or gin, (based on the guest’s preference) and vermouth. Over the years people have come to label our martini, The Meniscus Martini due to our bartenders pouring to the point of almost overflowing. Our bartenders, a few who have been making martinis here for 20+ years, can make this classic steakhouse staple with their eyes closed.”

Martini and Caviar Cones Pairing

At Caviar Russe in New York and Miami, a whimsical martini and caviar cones pairing with classic Osetra, Crème Fraîche, and chives. "As a premier caviar destination, we offer a way to shake things up after work with a taste of luxury during a martini hour. During the sophisticated ritual, we serve a martini and caviar cone pairing to offer the best of both worlds as an indulgent and unbelievable combination to complement each sip,” said Marketing Director Edward Panchernikov.

Salt & Pepper Martini

At Temple Bar NYC, The Salt and Pepper Martini is made with Fords Gin, celery bitters, saline solution, Giffard Piment d'Espelette, Manzanilla sherry, and Blanc vermouth.“The Salt & Pepper Martini is one of Michael McIlroy’s most elevated creations balancing bold flavor with clean presentation. Served brilliantly cold in a frosty coupe with a drop of a bright red pepper to catch the eye,” said Samantha Casuga, head bartender.

Sushi Martini

At Deer Path Inn in Lake Forest, Illinois, this is two things you’d not necessarily think would go together, but totally work. The Sushi Martini is made with Pure Dawn Sake, Hoku Japanese Vodka, fresh pineapple, Thai basil, honey syrup, and a tangerine citrus garnish with seaweed wrapped watermelon and sesame seeds. “Two things you typically wouldn’t think go together—sushi and a martini—combine in this fanciful way to create an intriguing blend of flavors for the palate. Served at The Bar at Deer Path Inn, the sushi martini nods to the fact that we have some of the best sushi on Chicago’s North Shore—which surprises and delights many of our guests and locals,” said Jorge Centeno, Chief Spirits Officer.

Cognac Cappuccino Martini

At ATRIO Wine Bar & Restaurant inside Conrad New York Downtown, this dessert martini begins with a base of Hennessy VSOP cognac that is beautifully blended with a delicious combination of Disaronno Amaretto and espresso. It is then topped with whipped cream and a dust of cinnamon. “Our Cognac Cappuccino is a twist on the classic, featuring Hennessy VSOP cognac, which works well in a sweet drink because of the warm notes of vanilla, honey, and cinnamon. The Disaronno Amaretto adds flavors of almond and toffee that pair wonderfully with the espresso to create the perfect sweet, velvety, and energizing sip,” said Norman Achong, Director of Food & Beverage, Conrad New York Downtown.

Alaska Martini

At COQODAQ, an upscale fried chicken concept in New York City, the Alaska Martini swaps the classic yellow Chartreuse for green, and adds Midori, making an electric neon green drink. The Alaska Martini is made with gin, preferably Boatyard Gin, blanc vermouth, preferably Lustau,vodka, preferably Chopin, green Chartreuse, and Midori. Director of Bars Sondre Kasin says: “We wanted to make this a light and fruity take on this botanical driven variation of the martini. Keeping the classic sharp color but adding Midori to make it a little more fruity. It is softer and rounder style of martini, that is great before dinner but also as a pick me up after!”

Undercote Vodka Martini

The subterranean co*cktail lounge set beneath Michelin-starred COTE Korean Steakhouse in New York City offers a classic vodka martini made with Chopin Family Reserve Vodka, Noilly Prat and orange bitters. The martini can be personalized with olives, a citrus twist or caviar. Director of Bars Sondre Kasin says: “Our vodka martini at Undercote is a classic Vodka Martini made with the best vodka there is. Chopin Family Reserve is a full bodied, crisp and delicious vodka that works perfectly in martini´s but is also more than good enough to drink neat. When you hear the process around making it and how much care that goes into the Family Reserve you definitely understand why it is worth it.”

Classic Blue Cheese Olive Martini

At Campagnola in New York City, this old-school Italian restaurant makes a classic martini with gin and extra dry vermouth, shaken extra cold, garnished with hand stuffed blue cheese olives. “A martini is an elegant classic drink that is refreshing in all seasons. It is always the best way to start the night at Campagnola,” said Desiree Maranan of Campagnola.

Vesper Martini

At bars onboard Crystal Cruises, there’s a beautiful rendition of the classic Vesper Martini, that would make James Bond proud. This martini is made with Greenall’s Gin, Absolut Vodka, Lillet Blanc, and lemon spiral for garnish. Ross Martin, Crystal’s Corporate Bar & Service Manager, says: “The Vesper is a Crystal classic and favorite amongst guests. This martini was first mentioned in the Casino Royale novel in 1953 by Ian Fleming as James Bond’s preferred drink.”

The Palm Royale

Found at Proper Grit Whiskey Library & Supper Club at The Ben West Palm, this is a vodka based martini with notes of Florida orange and papaya and finished with a hint of saltiness. Mixologist Randy Castillo says: “The creation of the Palm Royale was inspired by and named after a show set in the late 60's, right here in our own backyard of West Palm Beach. This co*cktail perfectly embodies the refined taste of 20th-century West Palm Beach Elegance. Vodka serves as the foundation, providing a smooth and pure canvas for this martini. The addition of Munyon's Paw Paw, an orange liqueur distilled here in South Florida, adds a citrusy sweetness to the co*cktail. Finally, the infusion of orange and saline bitters impart subtle notes reminiscent of the crisp, salty, ocean air that we experience from our beaches every day.”

Very Berry

At AVA Resort Cancun, this tropical co*cktail is made with citrus gin, fat-washed coconut oil and raspberry, with jasmine infusion and pink peppercorn cordial and a garnish of dehydrated lemon and banana leaf spike. Mixologist Fatima Leon says: “According to Feng Shui, the raspberry embodies the fire element, courage and vitality. Its nature strengthens determination and ignites the inner drive to overcome obstacles in pursuit of dreams and aspirations. Raspberry in combination with coconut and Jasmine is a natural stimulant and inspires innovative thinking and stokes the creative fire.”

Runaway Baby Espresso-Tini

At Santé at The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City, this variation on the trendy espresso martini is made with Selvarey chocolate rum, Kahlua, and cold brew coffee.

The Root and Vine Martini

At Root and Vine at the Westin Washington, DC Downtown, this co*cktail is made with Grey Goose vodka, Bombay Sapphire gin, Ambrato, the chef’s house-seasoned olive brine, and has a garnish of whipped feta stuffed olive.


At Hilton Cancun Mar Caribe All-Inclusive Resort, this co*cktail is made with Hendrick’s gin, extra dry vermouth, peach jam, and a yellow lime peel. “The Cocupeach Martini is a delightful blend of flavors and an ideal pairing with views of the Caribbean. Our unique ingredients of peach jam and a yellow lime peel not only create a tropical twist on a classic, but also a refreshing option for daytime or pool-side sipping,” said bartender Arley Esteban.

Okiru Martini

The Okiru Martini from Bar Collins at Loews Miami Beach Hotel is a blend of Soto Sake, Aplos Arise – this is a non-alcoholic spirit infused with adaptogens, honey water, lemon juice and muddled cucumber. The co*cktail is served in a chilled coupe glass, garnished with a fresh Shiso leaf. Loews Miami Beach Hotel Director of Bars & Restaurants, Lucas Scudeler, says: “Our take on a low-ABV martini found on our Free Spirited menu at Bar Collins, this sake-based co*cktail blends beautifully with the bold botanicals of the Aplos Arise and the sweetness of the honey water, creating a refreshing summer martini that’s sophisticated, bright and delicious.

The p*rnstar Martini

At Buddha Bar in New York City, the p*rnstar Martini has a distinct recipe. It is crafted with vodka, simple syrup, lime juice, Passoã liqueur, and purée, shaken vigorously with ice for approximately 20 seconds until perfectly chilled and blended. Once strained into a coup glass, the co*cktail receives a splash of Prosecco and for a final touch, a fresh passion fruit garnish.

Cucumber Stiletto

STK is known for their sexy vibe, and it’s apparent in their cheeky Cucumber Stiletto. “STK’s Cucumber Stiletto is a refreshing mix of Grey Goose le Citron, St Germain, muddled cucumber and mint,” said Stephanie Castaneda, Director of Beverage.

Meat & Potato Martini

A fun spin on the martini is at Lawry’s The Prime Rib in Las Vegas and Beverly Hills. The Lawry’s Meat & Potato Martini is shaken tableside with Chopin potato vodka and topped with two prime rib stuffed olives. “Our Meat & Potato Martini is a true embodiment of Lawry’s heritage, encapsulating the essence of our classic meal focused on premium meat and hearty potatoes,” said Ryan O’Melveny Wilson, CEO of Lawry’s Restaurants Inc. “This delicious co*cktail features our renowned, high-quality prime rib delicately stuffed into olives, enhanced with a touch of spicy horseradish. It’s a sophisticated nod to our legendary prime rib, reimagined in a glass.”

Biscoff Espresso Martini

At Milk and Honey at The Wharf in Washington, DC, this co*cktail is made with Absolut Vanilla vodka, Kahlua coffee liqueur, espresso with Biscoff cookie butter swirl and Biscoff cookie crumbles. “Our take on the espresso martini with inspiration from our chef’s CHICKEN & BISCOFF WAFFLES - Biscoff cookie butter infused waffle served w/ crispy chicken thighs. This is the perfect way to end National Martini Day on a sweet note this year,” said Jennifer Jackson, Beverage Director of Thompson Restaurants.

Lyc Me Peaches

At Studio 1939 at Potato Head Singapore, this co*cktail is made with gin, Oolong tea, lychee, and nectarines. “This drink is one of the highlights from our new STFU (Spice, Tea, Fruit, Umami) menu, which features drinks drawing inspiration from local flavors our team have grown up with and enjoyed. We wanted to do a grown up take on a Lychee Martini, so we infused a bit of citrus with the nectarines and bright herbaceous notes from the Oolong tea to balance the sweetness of the lychee,” said Daniel Fong, Head Bartender, Studio 1939.

p*rnstar Martini

At Bitter & Twisted co*cktail Parlour in Phoenix, this co*cktail is made with house infused vanilla bean Grey Goose, Passoa Passion Fruit Liqueur, passion fruit puree and house made vanilla sugar shaken to delight. It’s paired with a shot of bubbles. “Bitter & Twisted, is the proud spiritual home of the original recipe p*rnstar Martini in the United States, since our doors opened in 2014. Experience the authentic taste of what made this drink a global sensation, made exactly how the original was made back in London circa 2004. Originally created by Douglas Ankrah (mentor to our Ross Simon) at Townhouse & Lab bar in London, we proudly keep to his standards and specs. We even get a touch cheeky and offer our guests a couple more options, The Mexican p*rnstar (with Tequila) and the Oaxacan p*rnstar (with Mezcal),” said Lauren Simon, Director of Hospitality at Bitter & Twisted co*cktail Parlour.

The Gibson Girl

At Platform 18 at Century Grand in Phoenix, this co*cktail is made with a choice of Botanist Gin or Grey Goose Vodka, Dolin Dry Vermouth, Soto Junmai Daiginjo Sake, orange bitters, lemon oils, that is then stirred and served with a marinated olive and onion. “Any good martini enthusiast will tell you that a great Gibson can only be great if the pickled onion is perfect. Perfection isn’t always for sale – so we make our pickled onions in house using a trio of vinegars, cloves, bay leaves, mustard and coriander seed. A perfectly chilled gin Gibson, née The Gibson Girl, with a hint of Daiginjo sake for salinity and texture, is the perfect way to start your evening. And that perfect pearl onion waiting for you at the bottom of the glass is the perfect way to finish your co*cktail,” said Mat Snapp, EVP Operations of Barter & Shake .

Vesper Martini

Carversteak at Resorts World Las Vegas offers a Vesper Martini with an exclusive touch – it involves a tableside martini cart. The classic co*cktail is made with Oxley London Dry Gin, Grey Goose Vodka, Lillet Apéritif and a mist of Tempus Fugit Kina L’Aéro d’Or mixed with Bergamot bitters. It is then served with a lemon zest tuile. "Our version of the Vesper Martini, made famous by James Bond in Casino Royale, adds a touch of bergamot essence that brings a unique and slightly bitter-sweet flavor to the co*cktail," said Francesco Lafranconi, Carver Road Hospitality's VP of Beverage + Hospitality Culture. "And the Kina adds a depth of flavor and complexity to the drink, making it a more nuanced and sophisticated version of the traditional Vesper martini."

MOON Martini

The MOON Martini is found at The Red Pavilion in Brooklyn, New York. co*cktail Program Designer Orson Salicetti of The Red Pavilion said, "The MOON Martini evokes the flavor profile of the classic 90 Lychee Martini but with a more sophisticated and quality touch reminiscent of spring." This vodka-based co*cktail is crafted with lychee, lemongrass, and caramelized pineapple, and balanced with the addition of an earthy, vegetal Gentiane Aperitif.


Found at Ukiyo Omakase located in Denver, the Hinode is made with Ki No Tea Kyoto Gin (Ki No Bi green tea-infused gin) mixed with a vermouth made from sake, a little lavender syrup and yuzu bitters, garnished with an orange twist. "The drink is a play on the currently popular lavender matcha latte, turned into a luxury, classic-style martini" says Ukiyo's Beverage Program Lead, Jeremiah Watson

Hot & Dirty Martini

Martini nights can get spicy, but the co*cktail itself is usually more savory than hot. All that changes with this variation. "Our Hot & Dirty Martini takes inspiration from a tried-and-true classic. Infusing Belvedere vodka with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to add body and silky mouthfeel and expertly shaken to catch the ideal chill, you'll find the hottest part of this martini in the garnish. The combination of crunch and creaminess of the Castelvetrano olives filled with a blend of bold blue cheese and chopped Calabrian chilis bring a delightfully sweet heat to round out your sipping experience,” said Courtney Cheney, National Beverage Operations Manager at Ocean Prime.

Golden Skies

At Allure Restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the alluring lavender hued martini is accented with gold flakes embodying New York glamor in homage. Matija Rajak, Beverage Director for City Nights Hospitality Group, says: "'Golden Skies is a nod to Manhattan’s timeless elegance, capturing the beauty of the golden hour in the city. It features luxurious ingredients like Belvedere Vodka infused with rhubarb and crème de Violette, accented by the summery scents of lavender. Garnished with golden flakes this co*cktail embodies the richness of New York’s elite, as if it were concocted for Blair Waldorf herself."

The Quaternary

At Cathédrale Las Vegas, this co*cktail is made with Ketel One Vodka, Plymouth Gin, Dolin Dry Vermouth, orange bitters, Castelvetrano olives, and Kaluga caviar. “The Quaternary, is a co*cktail crafted to be the center of attention. Served in a branded ice block, this drink embodies a sophisticated experience. The Quaternary base starts with refined Ketel One Vodka and is blended with the botanical notes and complexity of Plymouth Gin. The Kaluga caviar, served on a pearl spoon, masterfully pairs with the crispness of the vodka and is complemented with the salinity of the Italian Castelvetrano olives,” said Jan Padiernos, Tao Group Hospitality Director of Beverage.

Violet Eyes

At J&G Steakhouse at The Phoenician Resort, A Luxury Collection Scottsdale, The Violet Eyes offers a fresh version of a classic gin martini, and made with a mix of Hendrick’s Gin, Creme de Violette, raspberry and tarragon syrup, and fresh lemon juice creates a refreshing co*cktail to be sipped and enjoyed backdropped by the restaurant’s unforgettable views of desert sunsets over Scottsdale. “This drink is what I would call a delicious amalgamation between two beloved classics, an aviation and a clover club,” said Gabe Chavez, Bartender at J&G Steakhouse.

The Paradisi Martini

Live! by Loews - Arlington's Paradisi Martini is made with serrano peppers, grapefruit and lime juice, simple syrup and Ketel One Vodka and topped with chili oil and a dehydrated lime. "The Paradisi will be the sip of the summer. It brings a bit of heat followed by a balance of tangy citrus and sweetness. Guests and locals may enjoy poolside, on a patio or in any of our restaurants and lounges, but they will feel as though they've been transported to paradise,” said James Carpenter, Director of Outlets.

Cherry Blossom Bliss Espresso Martini

At Rose Room in New York City, the Cherry Blossom Bliss is a cherry Espresso Martini with a twist, thanks to a handmade Cotton Candy Rose which turns into a glitter bomb!

40 co*cktails To Celebrate National Martini Day (2024)
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