7 Beautiful Italian Love Quotes for Valentine's Day - Daily Italian Words (2024)

by Valentina Nicastro

As Dante once wrote, “love moves the sun and the other stars,” illustrating how powerful love can be. It’s not merely an emotion but some kind of cosmic energy shaping our destinies and lighting our paths.

Now, for Valentine’s Day, you’ve got a ton of ways to show your love. You could plan a fancy dinner, get a little playful with some cheeky lingerie, or treat your special someone to delicious chocolates. But you know what really hits the spot? A heartfelt handwritten card tucked away as a surprise, waiting to be discovered on the nightstand or in a jacket pocket.

And hey, if you’re struggling to find the right words to express the depth of your feelings, why not borrow a line or two from Italian poets, writers and singers? I mean, in Italy we are pretty famous for our passionate spirit, and I bet you’ll find just the right words to charm your Valentine.

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Inspiring Italian Love Quotes

Looking for just the right words to express all your love with an Italian flair? Keep reading, grab pen and paper, and get ready to prepare the sweetest card for your special someone with these wonderful Italian love quotes.

“Preparami un migliaio di baci, ch’io verrò stasera a succhiarli dalla tua bocca celeste” – Ugo Foscolo

Translation: Prepare a thousand kisses, for tonight I’ll come and suck them from your heavenly mouth.

Who would’ve thought the Italian poet Ugo Foscolo was such a fiery romantic? This spicy revelation was definitely not on the literature syllabus! I mean, such passionate words would make even the coldest hearts blush, am I right? This steamy quote is straight from one of his love letters to Antonietta fa*gnani, a dame from Milan’s high society. She had it all – brain, beauty, and a title. Sure, she was married, but that didn’t seem to bother her, as there was something about Ugo that completely enchanted her. The letters they exchanged overflowed with Ugo’s love and devotion. But alas, every love story has its challenges, and theirs hit a major setback after only a couple of years when Antonietta decided to call it quits after some seriously intense jealousy dramas. Not a great turn of events, Ugo!

“A te che hai preso la mia vita e ne hai fatto molto di più” – Jovanotti, A te

Translation: Toyou, who took my life and made so much more out of it.

This beautiful Italian love quote comes from the sweetest song by Jovanotti, “A Te” (literally, “to you”), which is often considered the ultimate Italian love song. The singer wrote this heart-melting ode for his wife, Francesca, and it’s all about this guy who was feeling totally lost and down, but then he meets the love of his life, and boom! Everything changes. You know how love has a knack for surprising us when we least expect it and turn our world upside down… And oh, this quote! It’s pure love vibes – simple, no fancy stuff, just straight from the heart. Because isn’t that what real love is all about?

“Gli amori che sembrano assurdi certe volte sono i migliori” – Margaret Mazzantini, Venuto al mondo

Translation: The lovesthatseem absurd,sometimesthey are better.

This Italian love quote by the writer Margaret Mazzantini speaks volumes about the magic that can be found in the most unexpected connections. You know that one person who drives you nuts, yet somehow you can’t get them out of your head? Yep, that’s the one. Let’s be real, love isn’t always a simple journey of two people liking each other from the start and living happily ever after. Sometimes, it’s more like a wild rollercoaster ride where you only truly get it after you’ve been through all the loops and drops. But when you do, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. So, cheers to love in all its unpredictability!

“Certi amori non finiscono, fanno dei giri immensi e poi ritornano” – Antonello Venditti, Amici mai

Translation: Some loves never end,they goonimmenselaps andthen return.

This quote from the famous song “Amici Mai” (Friends Never) by the Roman singer Antonello Venditti is for all those rekindling flames out there. Sometimes, love feels like it’s meant to last forever, but for some reason, it ends. Life keeps moving, dragging you along with it, and that person becomes just a distant memory. Then, out of nowhere, fate steps in and orchestrates a grand reunion, bringing you two back together. Because as Venditti puts it, some loves are indissolubili (unbreakable) and inseparabili (inseparable), they endure even if they lose their path for a while. Definitely, the perfect Italian love quote for those old couples who find each other again after years apart.

“C’è un posto nel mondo dove il cuore batte forte, dove rimani senza fiato per quanta emozione provi; dove il tempo si ferma e non hai più l’età. Quel posto è tra le tue braccia in cui non invecchia il cuore, mentre la mente non smette mai di sognare.” – Alda Merini, Tra le tue braccia

Translation: There is a place in the world where the heart beats fast, where you remain breathless for how much emotion you feel; where time stops, and you no longer have an age. That place is in your arms where the heart doesn’t grow old, while the mind never ceases to dream.

The Italian poetess Alda Merini was often considered an eccentric artist because she dealt with mental illness and spent time in a mental institution. And yet, despite her struggles, she left behind some profound messages, like the one expressed in these words, where she beautifully describes the magic of a hug. Picture it: arms wrapped around each other, hearts and souls connected. It feels like finding your cozy corner in the world, where everything else fades away, leaving just the two of you in your own little bubble of happiness. So, next time you’re wrapped in those loving arms, cherish every moment, because it’s in those tender hugs that you’ll find true magic.

“Saremo felici o saremo tristi, che importa? Saremo l’uno accanto all’altra. E questo deve essere, questo è l’essenziale” – Gabriele D’Annunzio

Translation: We will be happy or we will be sad, who cares? We will be next to each other. And that must be, that is essential.

Ah, Gabriele D’Annunzio, the ultimate embodiment of la dolce vita! He worn so many hats in his life – journalist, politician, military man, notorious seducer, lover of all things beautiful – but what really set him apart was his way with words. Take this quote, for instance: it’s like a little nudge to remind us that life isn’t just about our emotions – we all go through ups and downs, that’s just how it goes – but what truly matters is having that special someone by our side to support us when things get tough and to be our partner in crime for those moments of pure joy.

“(…) neanche si erano dovuti cercare, questo è incredibile,tutto il difficile era stato solo riconoscersi, una cosa di un attimo, il primo sguardo e già lo sapevano, questo è meraviglioso.” – Alessandro Baricco, Ocean sea

Translation: (…) they didn’t even have to search for each other, this is incredible, all the difficulty had been only in recognizing each other, a matter of a moment, the first glance and they already knew, this is wonderful.

In our hectic lives, love can surprise us by popping up unexpectedly. Maybe it’s a charming stranger with a captivating smile on a crowded street, or perhaps feeling butterflies in your stomach while enjoying a drink at a pub as you lock eyes with someone across the room. Is it fate playing cupid? Who knows, but that special moment when you meet someone and feel like it’s meant to be, even if it seems totally random, reminds us that destiny works in mysterious ways. This idea is captured pretty well in this quote from Alessandro Baricco’s book, Ocean Sea. So, remember – when you step out into the world, stay open to possibilities… you might just stumble upon the one who makes your heart race!

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Valentina Nicastro

ValentinaNicastro is a travel writer in love with her home country, Italy. Having travelled widely around the globe, she realised there was more to explore closer to home and decided to put the passport aside for a while. When she is not immersed in documenting Italy, you’ll find her donning her communication consultant hat, weaving words as a content writer and bridging linguistic divides as a translator.

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7 Beautiful Italian Love Quotes for Valentine's Day - Daily Italian Words (2024)
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