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Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Using his financial education to help others prosperHaving notched up 13 years of experience in economics, accounting, and investment banking, Seatla Ratshosa is sharing his knowledge with others to help them get a financial education. The 39-year-old has authored a book titled “Masheleng”, and runs a podcast in efforts to educate others about finance. Ratshosa told Business Report: “The primary drive behind writing my book and starting the podcast was to share my knowledge and experiences in finance with a broader audience. Through my career, I have encountered many individuals and business owners who struggle with financial management. I realised there was a significant need for accessible, practical advice that could help people navigate their financial challenges. My book and podcast aim to demystify financial concepts and provide actionable strategies which anyone can implement to achieve financial…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16TikTok star Audrey Mbatha opens up about being a modern-day dadSouth Africa, a vibrant tapestry of culture and diversity, stands proudly as a giant among African nations. With accolades aplenty, it’s also renowned for being one of the first African countries to legalise same-sex marriages. In honour of Pride Month and Father’s Day, Independent Media Lifestyle caught up with TikTok star Aubrey Mbatha to delve into his journey of redefining fatherhood. Mbatha, who affectionately refers to himself in his video entries as “your favourite house-husband here”, is originally from Durban and has lived in Johannesburg for the past decade. He shares his story of love, family and breaking societal norms. Married to Steven Myeni in 2021, Mbatha has embraced the role of house husband for nearly five years, dedicating himself fully to parenting since the adoption of their son,…4 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16How social media is influencing our eating habitsSocial media can be used for anything from socialising and shopping to starting a business and getting health advice. Most social media users get nutrition and eating messages from the accounts they follow. For good or bad, the way we feed our minds through social media affects how we feed ourselves in real life. South Africans spend increasing amounts of time o n social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and, we cannot help but be influenced by the messages these convey about food. These platforms have the power to make certain foods and diets immensely popular overnight. Remember the “Dalgona coffee” craze or the sudden surge in sourdough bread baking enthusiasts? We have social media to thank for that. But it is not just about what is trending;…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Sivenathi Mabuya, Bohang Moeko are great anchors for ‘How to Ruin Love: The Proposal’The How to Ruin Christmas franchise has proven to be a winning formula for Burnt Onion Productions, which is helmed by the Ramaphakela siblings, Katleho, Tshepo and Rethabile. That said, they successfully mined the chaos that erupts when families get together for a big event in the franchise as well as in the recent spin-off series, How to Ruin Love: The Proposal. True to form, the casting is on point. In the four-part series, Beauty Sello (Thando Thabethe) and Sbu Twala (Sandile Mahlangu) are no longer at the heart of the drama and they are content enjoying it from the sidelines. This time around, the narrative centres on the love story of Zoleka (Sivenathi Mabuya) and Kagiso (Bohang Moeko). Ahead of their third anniversary, which happens to also be on…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Russia’s Lavrov di rects BRICS ministers to a shared futureIN AN international world order that is constantly undergoing changes of great significance – shaking the domineering Western ethos to its core – BRICS is increasingly proving to be a catalyst for the global south as it leads the reconfiguration of global affairs. This week’s crucial meeting of the BRICS ministers of foreign affairs in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod was a statement of unmistakable intent to challenge the US-led Western hegemony. The meeting started with a minute of silence for former Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Iran’s former foreign minister, Hossein Amirabdollahian, who died in a helicopter crash alongside seven others last month. The foreign ministers’ meeting is one of many events that have been lined up by the Russian Federation as part of its 2024 BRICS presidency…5 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Coalition secures top postsWith the political party that managed to garner more than 40% of the votes in the province in last month’s elections relegated to the opposition benches in the provincial legislature and a government made up of four parties, KwaZulu-Natal faces its toughest challenge yet. The Umkhonto weSizwe Party (MKP) narrowly lost its bid for the prime positions of premier, speaker and deputy speaker. The party was defeated by the block made up of the ANC, the DA, IFP and the NFP. The ANC and IFP put their differences aside and formed KZN’s new government after exchanging insults for months. The arrangement, which had been in the making for days, was sealed during the official opening of the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature on Friday marking the starting of the seventh administration in…4 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Durban to mark International Day of YogaABOUT 3 500 people are expected to gather on the lawns of Durban’s Amphitheatre at North Beach on Saturday to mark International Day of Yoga. The Sivananda World Peace Foundation will celebrate the 10th International Day of Yoga with a programme at the Durban Amphitheatre , commencing at 9am. The International Day of Yoga was launched by the UN in 2015. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline which originated in ancient India. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his UN address in 2014, suggested an annual Day of Yoga on June 21. This event brings together people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities to participate in yoga and meditation, breathing exercises and cultural performances. Ishwar Ramlutchman, of the Sivananda World Peace Foundation, said they were calling on members…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Entrepreneur knows the value of donating items to pupils in needWhile most people use their birthdays to celebrate the gift of life, this week’s Unsung Hero has taken the unconventional route to celebrate the occasion by helping the needy. While her birthday is on January 7, Vumile Magasela, 29, from Umlazi in Durban prefers to celebrate the milestone in February through the donations she makes to underprivileged pupils in her community. She does this by collecting and distributing school shoes and sanitary towels to learners in need, an initiative she has been working on since 2021. “It started with an idea that I had about celebrating my birthday. I hated the reality of children unable to attend school because they did not have shoes, or girls missing out on their education because they did not have sanitary pads. “So, I…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16It’s good for mental health tooRegular exercise has long been recommended for its physical health benefits, but did you know it also has a significant effect on your mental health? In fact, numerous studies have shown that exercise can help improve mood, reduce anxiety and depression and even boost self-esteem. Here are five reasons why exercise is good for your mental health. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins, which are known to reduce pain and induce feelings of euphoria. These “feel-good” chemicals can help combat feelings of stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling happier and more relaxed. Cortisol is a hormone that is released in response to stress, and high levels of cortisol have been linked to anxiety and depression. Exercise has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, helping to alleviate…1 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16KZN man dies from mpox, four infectedA KwaZulu-Natal man died from the mpox virus this week and four others are infected in the province. The 38-year-old from KZN who died on the same day he received the results that he tested positive, is the country’s second mpox death. Dr Sandile Tshabalala, KwaZulu-Natal health department’s head, said four people in the province were confirmed to be infected and one had died. “Most people infected by monkeypox were men. We were expecting the people who were infected would inform us whether they had been outside the country, but that is yet to be clarified. “In South Africa, there is no interaction with fluids from monkeys, or from rats. Therefore, it remains unclear where they got it from, but we are currently investigating,” he said. Tshabalala said KZN’s victim…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Residents must be IFP members to get servicePhoenix residents seeking assistance from their local IFP office in the area will first have to show proof of being a registered member of the party. The IFP currently does not control any of the wards in Phoenix. In a message that went out to the party’s service delivery groups in Phoenix, IPF councillor Jonathan Annipen said “ ... the IFP did not perform as well as we (the local leadership) expected”. “It is my personal belief, given the incomparable amount of work the IFP put in throughout Phoenix, our support should have been overwhelmingly greater. Regrettably, this was not the case. “It is for us to now ensure that we safeguard our position in this town by implementing some serious administrative practices.” Annipen said the work they had put…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Call for intervention following N3 spillAN ENVIRONMENTALIST has called on authorities in the province to intervene and ensure the safety of everyone who was exposed to Friday’s gas spill from a truck travelling on the N3 in Durban. It is suspected that the spilt material was a carcinogenic substance. According to eThekwini Metro Police spokesperson Boysie Zungu, the incident was believed to have been caused by an insecure load that was on the truck. South Durban Community Environmental Alliance co-ordinator Desmond D’Sa urged the relevant authorities to ensure that those who were exposed to the chemical spillage, alleged to be hydrochloric acid, on the N3 near the Pavilion Shopping Centre received the necessary medical attention. “Hydrochloric acid is dangerous. Just one drop into a person can impact their health and can result in cancer. So,…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Police seize sim cards, computersPolice in Gauteng have arrested more than 40 illegal immigrants and seized thousands of counterfeit sim cards following raid at a Sandton property on Friday. SA Police Service (SAPS) provincial spokesperson, Lieutenant-Colonel Mavela Masondo, said the raid was carried out by officers from the Gauteng Organised Crime Investigation Unit. Masondo said police received a tipoff about a house in Sandton where criminal activities were taking place. “The members of Gauteng Organised Crime Investigation Unit operationalised the information and pounced on the house. Upon arrival, they found more than 40 suspected illegal immigrants aged between 17 and 36 years old,” he said. Police were led to a garage and a back room where they found thousands of sim cards from all South African mobile cellphone networks, as well as a substantial…1 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Warning over legality of National Assembly sittingTHE inaugural sitting of the National Assembly allegedly took place despite concerns over the legality of the proceedings conducted by Chief Justice Raymond Zondo. Justice Zondo presided over the proceedings before ANC’s Thoko Didiza was elected Speaker of Parliament yesterday. However, before the proceedings, non-profit organisation Hola Bon Renaissance Foundation (HBR) requested that they be suspended temporarily. Nelson Mandela’s great-grandson, Mayibuye Mandela, raised alleged irregularities concerning the proceedings. Judge Zondo’s spokesperson, Lusanda Ntuli, was asked to comment. The HBR, which requested that the Electoral Court declare the 2024 national and provincial elections null and void, said the proceedings in Parliament should be temporarily suspended with immediate effect. The organisation said the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) had failed to discharge its statutory obligations. The organisation said its request for the…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Lawyer calls for probe into statements of judge presidentA controversial Limpopo lawyer has exposed the Provincial Division of the High Court Judge President George Phatudi’s alleged attempts to influence him to destroy Violet sem*nya’s aspirations to become a Deputy Judge President. This is after advocate Kevin Maluleke requested the Judicial Conduct Committee (JCC) to launch an investigation into the matter. Maluleke alleged that Judge Phatudi attempted to corrupt and persuade him to destroy sem*nya’s aspirations to be elevated to the position of Deputy Judge President of the Limpopo Division of the High Court. He said this was despite the recommendations of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) on April 15, 2021. Maluleke, a founder and president of the Amalgamated Lawyers Association, said Judge Phatudi forwarded the review application of the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Parliament: A new cabinet emergesThe 7th Democratic Parliament sat on Friday electing President Cyril Ramaphosa as the president of the Government of National Unity during the first sitting of the National Assembly…1 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Undertones of hom*ophobia continue to exist in SATHE country has moved from an era where same-sex relationships were regarded as a crime and immoral. Activists and human rights observers have noted this Pride Month that South Africa has become more tolerant and accepting of people who are part of and stand in solidarity with those in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and others (LGBTIQA+) community. However, pockets of society remained hom*ophobic. “Those are a threat to human rights all over,” sociology professor Sim Ndlazulwana said. “It is a basic lack of understanding and appreciation of the right to be who one is among those who are not of the same way of life.” He said some people quoted Bible verses to demonise the queer movement, not understanding that “within the pages of many books of the…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Government of National Unity explained for young readersAs South Africa’s politicians worked this week to bash through a framework that would govern the seventh administration before Friday’s crucial sitting of the National Assembly where the president and Speaker would be elected, many people are still confused as to what a Government of National Unity is. With a little help from AI, IOL has broken down what a Government of National Unity is if it were explained to a young reader. What is a Government of National Unity? So, imagine you and your friends are trying to decide what game to play. Some want to play tag, some want to play hide and seek, and others want to play soccer. But, instead of arguing and not playing anything, you all agree to play a little bit of each…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Ruto seeks G7 support for global finance reformKenyan President William Ruto urged the G7 summit to back a revamp of the global lending system to unlock increased support for debt-burdened developing countries. African countries, facing mounting debt costs and a dearth of funds, have been demanding more equitable distribution of resources to better tackle poverty and cope with climate calamities and other challenges. “Far too many countries are forced to choose between repaying creditors and investing in their economy and people,” Ruto told the G7 summit talks in Puglia, southern Italy, on Friday. The leaders of the G7 wealthy nations gathered this week against the backdrop of global and political turmoil, with Africa, climate change and development kicking off the event. Ruto said the G7 should “advocate strongly” for a rethink of the global financial system to…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Putin’s ceasefire terms as peace summit startsWorld leaders gathered at a Swiss mountain resort yesterday to try to build support for Ukraine’s peace proposals at a summit skipped by US President Joe Biden, shunned by China and dismissed as a waste of time by Moscow. On the eve of the summit, President Vladimir Putin said Russia would end the war only if Kyiv agreed to drop its Nato ambitions and hand over four provinces claimed by Moscow – demands Kyiv swiftly rejected as tantamount to surrender. More than 90 countries are taking part in the summit, but China’s absence has dimmed hopes the summit would show Russia as globally isolated, while recent military reverses have put Kyiv on the back foot. The war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas has also diverted attention from Ukraine. The…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Petersen brace as Bulls squeeze into URC final in Loftus epicThe Bulls delivered one of their best performances in a knockout match – even with dubious referee calls against them – to beat Leinster 25-20 yesterday to reach the United Rugby Championship final. It was a brilliant defensive effort throughout the semi-final in front of a boisterous crowd of 31 578 at Loftus Versfeld, but none as good as the set eight minutes before the final whistle, when they kept the Irish side out after 20 phases to turn the ball over for a pressure-relieving kick. In those 20 phases Leinster hardly made metres, and that is a testament to the effort by the 15 Bulls defenders. A monster hit by loose forwards Cameron Hanekom and Elrigh Louw provided the momentum for the turnover, and the home side could breathe…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Spain romp past Croatia in opener as young gun Yamal makes Euros historySpain made a dream start to Euro 2024 as Alvaro Morata scored in a statement 3-0 victory over Croatia in Berlin yesterday, with Lamine Yamal becoming the youngest player in the competition’s history. The three-time European champions have often been accused of being toothless in attack during recent tournaments, but produced an eye-catching display at the Olympiastadion to cut apart a disappointing Croatia. Morata broke the deadlock in the 29th minute with his seventh Euros goal, moving joint-third on the all-time list alongside Alan Shearer and Antoine Griezmann. Fabian Ruiz added a second shortly afterwards with a wonderful individual strike. Yamal made his mark with the assist for Dani Carvajal to effectively kill the game as a contest on the stroke of half-time, while Croatia striker Bruno Petkovic missed a…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Dutch ‘feel hunger for results’ at Euros after injury absencesAN INJURY-hit Netherlands kick off their Euro 2024 campaign against Poland in Hamburg this afternoon (3pm SA time start) hoping to build on a promising performance at the Qatar World Cup after years of struggles. The Dutch failed to even qualify for Euro 2016 or the 2018 World Cup before a disappointing last-16 exit from the most recent European Championship at the hands of the Czech Republic. But under Louis van Gaal, they reached the World Cup quarter-finals two years ago before losing on penalties to eventual champions Argentina. Ronald Koeman is back for a second stint as coach, with the Netherlands expecting a strong performance in Germany after easing through qualifying despite two defeats by France. “We feel the hunger for results, the hunger to win something,” wing-back Denzel…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16‘Unfinished business’ in Paris – MokokaALTHOUGH road running aficionados – and even the ordinary followers of the sport – are in agreement that Stephen Mokoka is a legend, the man himself feels he has some way to go still before such a lofty billing fits. “I cannot call myself a legend. What if I get an Olympic medal? What would I call myself then?” He might be right, for while he has achieved some incredible results in the marathon – where his consistently high performances are unmatched – Mokoka has yet to be victorious on the big stages, like some of his predecessors. Josiah Thugwane has an Olympic gold. Mokoka’s role model Hendrick Ramaala is a former New York Marathon champion, as is Willie Mtolo. David Tsebe and Xolile Yawa both won the Berlin Marathon.…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16French Top 14 is the toughest, says KolisiFORMER South Africa captain Siya Kolisi said his Racing 92 side have to be “on point” in tonight’s French Top 14 play-off (9.05pm SA time start) at an equally star-studded Bordeaux-Begles. Racing edged into the knock-out stages last weekend based on their head-to-head results with seventh- placed Castres, before a potential semi-final against Parisian rivals Stade Francais. Kolisi’s outfit – which includes leading names such as France centre Gael Fickou and Fiji back Josua Tuisova – are eyeing a first French title since 2016. “I believe when you get into play-off games, the mindset is different,” the 32-year-old Kolisi told AFP. “It’s all about who’s on point on the day. If we’re not on point on the day, the season is done. It’s an exciting challenge,” the flank added. Kolisi…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Davids, Van Wyk bolster Blitzboks in last Olympic bidTwelve Blitzboks will have one last shot at redeeming the Springbok Sevens side this season and book the final spot at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris this coming weekend in Monaco. South Africa find themselves in a spot of bother after a disappointing SVNS Series, having missed out on silverware in all the tournaments except the opener in Dubai. There won’t be any real medals up for grabs at the World Rugby Sevens Repechage, but that one place to be among the sevens teams who will be partaking in the Olympics in Paris at the end of July. The Blitzboks failed to qualify automatically via the series, like they did in the past, as one of the four best teams. After that, they even faltered in the Africa qualifier,…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16From teacher to house music, meet DJ SamrokJanine “DJ Samrok” Cresswell is a multi-talented artist who is determined to leave her mark on the house music scene. Born and raised in Sydenham, DJ Samrok has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the world of house music, captivating audiences with her afro-house sounds. From her roots in Durban to gracing stages in South Korea and Japan, her journey is one of passion, talent, and dedication to her craft. Besides being a DJ, by day Samrok is an English teacher at an elementary school but, in time, she plans to make DJing a full-time career. In an interview with Independent Media Lifestyle, she said her biggest influence was her dad, who was also a DJ. “I grew up with a deep love for music. My journey…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Legendary Highway Sheila hits the big screenThe legendary ghost of Chatsworth, “Highway Sheila”, has made its way to the big screen with a cinematic twist. The creative behind the much-awaited feature film Highway Sheila: Resurrection said they were pleased with their work and promise to give audiences value for money. The film tells the story of 16-year-old Santoni, dubbed “Highway Sheila” by the media, who met her death in 1983 in a shocking incident, which left her family seeking answers for 40 years. In the midst of despair and uncertainty, a compassionate priest makes contact with her restless spirit and opens a door to an otherworldly connection. The two embark on a quest to unravel the mystery of Santoni’s murder. Santoni spent 40 decades in the quest for justice from the afterlife, with the assistance of…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Kruger Park ranked as one of world’s best travel destinationsSouth African National Parks (SANParks) has announced that the pioneering and century-old Kruger National Park (KNP) has received recognition as an iconic destination, putting South Africa on the world map. According to SANParks, Brand Africa, a non-profit African movement to inspire a brand-led African renaissance, revealed the rankings and awards for the most admired South African brands, and the KNP was among the awarded brands. “SANParks is delighted to have one of the world’s best travel destinations in the world in its stable of properties and is grateful for this acknowledgement. “At the core of the successful conservation management efforts across SANParks’ national parks is responsible tourism offerings and a deliberate socio-economic transformation programme that is embedded in community beneficiation. “This recognition is seen in many posts and writings from…1 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16OR Tambo: Africa’s busiest airportNew data from has documented the busiest airports in the world based on scheduled daily passenger flight departures. In Africa, OR Tambo International Airport holds the top position with 252 daily scheduled departures. The most popular domestic route from Johannesburg was to Cape Town International Airport, with 38 to 43 flights per day. The most frequent international route from OR Tambo was to Harare, with between eight and eleven daily flights. Cairo International Airport follows in second place with 236 daily departing flights. South Africa features again in the top five, with Cape Town International Airport having 106 daily flights, making it the fifth busiest airport in Africa. As reported in Travel News, Addis Ababa Bole International Airport ranks third with 185 daily flights, while Jomo Kenyatta International Airport…1 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Younger customers investing in funeral cover – Std BankStandard Bank Insurance Brokers says it has started seeing a significant increase in new policies taken up by young people. The broker business says that in 2023, 20% of new Flexible Funeral Plan policies were taken up by people aged between 21 and 30, compared to 2020 and 202 when only 12% of its new client base was accounted for by this demographic. The data shows that at least a quarter of all its Flexible Funeral Plan policies are taken up by people between the ages 26 and 35. Sonja Oosthuizen, the head of Life Insurance Products at Standard Bank Insurance Brokers, said: “The numbers are an indicator that young people are taking responsibility for their own insurance needs. What’s also interesting to note, is that these clients are also…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Hollywoodbets Durban: Williams serving up luxury and indulgenceTelevision personality and businesswoman Nonku Williams is expanding her horizons – she is set to host a luxurious and exclusive event, the “A2B Winery Marquee”, in anticipation of the upcoming Hollywoodbets Durban July this year. Speaking to Independent Media Lifestyle, Williams said the marquee-themed “Island of Luxury” was a celebration of luxury and indulgence. “My wine brand is called A2B Winery and I am so thrilled to be hosting our very own marquee this year. It’s going to be a celebration of fashion, food and all things fabulous. “I love hosting and I like to make every occasion a celebration. My love for wine and all things glamorous is what made me launch my marquee. The Durban July is all about fashion and opulence, so I thought: ‘What better…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Mrs Sande on being ‘shocked’ at Ratile forsaking her at ‘The Mommy Club’ reunionThe Mommy Club delivered a dramatic reunion that has been the talk of social media. TV presenter, actress and singer Ntombee Ngcobo-Mzolo hosted the first two parts of season 2 of The Mommy Club reunion and nothing could have prepared her for all the drama that happened. Mrs Sande, Mrs Mops, Ratile, Her Majesty, Nunurai and Nozipho have been stirring drama on The Mommy Club and there was plenty to discuss. In this season, Mrs Sande had Ratile’s back and was her ride-or-die friend until the reunion special, when Mrs Sande’s back was up against the wall, Ratile did not return the same energy, leaving her questioning her friend’s behaviour. In her interview with Showmax, Mrs Sande admitted that she was shocked that Ratile did not have her back at…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16A pact that subverts the will of the peopleThe system that witnessed the swearing-in of parliamentarians and the nomination and election of multiple executives in the National Assembly clearly deviates from the actual meaning and guidelines of a national government of national unity (GNU). In situations where no party gains a majority of the vote, a GNU arrangement is typically used as a temporary fix to reduce political instability or crises. But the ANC, DA, and IFP's so-called GNU arrangement was contingent on the right-leaning DA’s refusal to collaborate with the EFF and the recently established uMkhonto weSizwe Party (MKP). With over 4.5 million votes, the MKP emerged as the most popular party in KwaZulu-Natal and the third-largest nationwide. Despite garnering 37 seats in KZN from 45.15 percent of voters, the party is now seated on the opposition…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16More cops to be sent to KZNPolice management have confirmed that additional Public Order Policing (POP) officers have been deployed to the province on KwaZulu-Natal to assist with post-election operations. National Commissioner of the South African Police Service (SAPS), General Fannie Masemola, said this is the fourth deployment of additional boots to the province since the beginning of May. He said, based on intelligence, the situation on the ground is not stable and this is a precautionary measure. Addressing the officers on Saturday, Masemola said focus will be in the northern parts of KZN. “You are now sent to join your other colleagues in the province. Your functions are simple; you do what the Constitution requires you to do, and prevent and combat crime. You go and maintain public order in that province, especially in the…1 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Hot stuff! as local girl takes Mandarin language contest’s top prizeLEARNING a new language is difficult, especially when that language is Mandarin, regarded as one of the hardest languages to learn in the world. In spite of being acquainted with the language for just five months, 7-year-old Mahi Roopchund from Durban North was good enough to win the local segment of the internationally contested Chinese Bridge Competition last week. The Chinese proficiency contest was staged at The Capital Pearls Hotel, uMhlanga, and Mahi’s win qualified her for the competition’s Beijing final, to be held in October. Mahi, a Glen Ashley Junior Primary School Grade 2 pupil, impressed the judges with the speech she delivered and rendition of a famous Mandarin song. Her mom, Cheena Roopchund, who described Mahi as “outgoing and bubbly”, said she started learning Mandarin through the influence…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Focus on self-care for teenage girlsDurban-based organisation Ikusasa Ngelami’s family transformation programme seeks to use the ethos of June 16 to educate teenage girls about the importance and benefits of self-love and self-respect. Ikusasa Ngelami’s efforts are in keeping with people and organisations from all corners of the country, engaging in various activities in remembrance of this landmark day. In South Africa, June 16 is celebrated as the National Youth Day in memory of the student uprising in Soweto in 1976. According to Zonke Shazi-Hlongwane, the founder and CEO of Ikusasa, which provides a range of counselling services addressing various social and emotional challenges faced by children and parents, the programme will continue tomorrow with a youth seminar focused on teens aged 13 to 19. “The event is aimed at providing alternatives for girls who…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Need an office or home? Find it hereIan Wyles Auctioneers will be auctioning two properties, among many others, on June 26 at 11am. One is a commercial property in Durban North and is in proximity to all amenities. The secure office park, at 70 on Kensington Drive, 70 Adelaide Tambo Drive, is 100m from the popular Broadway Precinct that has banks, restaurants, shops and more. The investment opportunity comprises: Air-conditioned reception areas Offices (medical and commercial) On-site parking Toilet facilities Kitchen facilities Full fencing Access control Viewing is by appointment only. For more information, please contact Richard Killeen at 083 779 8722 or 031 579 4403 or visit The second is a residential property, at 9 Huckleberry Grove, Glen Hills, Durban North. It is in proximity to restaurants, shopping centres, schools and all other amenities. The…1 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Ex-Cato Manor ‘Death Squad’ cop faces judgmentTHE Durban Magistrate’s Court is expected to hand down judgment in a murder case that has drawn on for over 14 years, where a former police officer of the ex-Organised Crime Unit’s Cato Manor branch – the so-called “Death Squad” – is the accused. Gonasagren Padayachee is accused of shooting and killing Kwazi Ndlovu, 16, while Kwazi slept on a couch in his Esikhawini home in Empangeni. Acting magistrate V Alamachand is expected to make her ruling in a week after hearing submissions from the State and the defence this week. Attorney Carl van der Merwe, who is representing Padayachee, did not call any witnesses. Alamachand’s judgment will be made without forensic evidence, including ballistics. It is alleged that in the early hours of the day on which the shooting…4 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16MKP’s ‘no’ to premierPREMIER-elect Thami Ntuli says he is leaving the King Cetshwayo District Municipality and the South African Local Government Association (Salga), where he was the mayor and provincial chairperson respectively, with “pride and honour” as he readies himself for higher office. He has landed in the provincial government driver’s seat after the Government of National Unity (GNU), which emerged after multi-party dialogue nationally and his party, the IFP, the ANC, DA and NFP banded together and elected him. His mission is to cleanse the province of “laziness” among public servants and poor service delivery. He said he would use his Salga experience to turn around poor-performing municipalities such as eThekwini and Msunduzi. Ntuli, who was born and bred in Nkandla, in northern KwaZulu-Natal, where he spent most of his youth herding…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16New KZN Deputy Speaker hopes to inspire younger generationMmabatho Tembe arrived at the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature driving her Hyundai Creta to be sworn in as a Member of Provincial Legislature (MPL), but by the time she left Pietermaritzburg on Friday evening she was in a back seat of a Volvo SUV with her own driver having been elected as Deputy Speaker, an experience which she described as surreal. Tembe, of the DA beat uMkhonto weSizwe MPL Ishan Barciela in a tight contest for the position. “I slept at 2am on Saturday because there were over 200 messages of congratulations in my inbox and I responded to all of them. “I have never had an experience like this, so it is quite difficult to describe,” she told Sunday Tribune. She noted how she was one of the youngest people to…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16The challenge of political coalitions: grand GNU white lieA coalition government and a government of national unity (GNU) are two distinct political arrangements that have been employed in various countries to address complex political landscapes. In the context of the 2024 South African election results, the ANC has proposed a GNU, while some political analysts argued that it is a coalition government disguised as a GNU for it to be more acceptable to both the DA and the ANC’s followers. A coalition government is a form of government in which multiple political parties cooperate to form a government. This typically involves formal agreements among the participating parties to work together, often involving policy and position trade-offs. The parties involved in a coalition government usually have a shared vision and are willing to compromise on certain issues to achieve…7 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Family of shot boy blast the handling of case by StateDespite the trial of a warrant officer who was allegedly involved in the shooting and killing of 16-year-old Kwazi Ndlovu in 2010 having resumed this week, the family is disappointed with the State for ignoring the ballistic and forensic reports made available to assist in achieving a conviction against the accused. This was after the parents expressed concerns over the National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA’s) ignorance of the ballistic and expert reports. They have raised these concerns through their representative, human rights defender Mary de Haas, who wrote to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in Kwazulu-Natal (KZN) last week. She submitted an expert report compiled by late detective Frank Dutto and a ballistic report from Cobus Steyl and Dr Steve Naidoo. The family also raised concerns about taking the case…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Mpox virus: deaths on the riseAS the cases of people infected with the deadly mpox disease rise and two are reportedly dead, medical personnel across the country are urging everyone to be in high alert to avoid infection. This as the Department of Health and the National Institute for Communicable Diseases announced that at least two people had died last week after contracting the infection, despite reportedly having no travel history outside of the country. In the first case last month, a 35-year-old man from Gauteng was confirmed to have the disease formally known as monkepox, but, according to health professionals, there was no evidence to link him to external infection. Within two weeks a man from KwaZulu-Natal was confirmed to have presented with symptoms and confirmed by the laboratory, and he too had no…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Benefits of polygamy in African societyA MAN expanding his family and ensuring a continued lineage, where culture and practices were not forgotten, and ensuring that land and agriculture were maintained, were among the bedrocks of polygamy among the people of Southern Africa. Alliances were built and women married no matter their standing in society in this practice which, culture says, was never about the sexual gratification of men. Anthropologist Sisana Mabuya said polygamy also made sure women had well-deserved breaks between childbearing “duties“, a practice which over past decades with colonisation and civilisation became frowned upon and seen as backward. “It was among the practices the Westerners found prevalent among a people, and which, as they dismantled a well-oiled machine which was rooted in pride and wisdom, became diluted with innuendos of selfishness and a…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16We need to stop treating men like machinesOur modern society has made significant strides in shining light on the importance of mental health. This is particularly pertinent during this month of June, which marks Men’s Mental Health Month. The key focus here is to bring awareness to the mental health struggles of men and encourage vital discourse on mental health among males in our society. Modern society has frequently placed emphasis on physical health when it comes to males, but recklessly continues to sideline the importance of mental health as well. As such, Men’s Mental Health Month provides a prime opportunity for us to evaluate the ways in which males’ mental health is treated in our society. Men, especially in the African context, are often treated as self- sufficient, tough, unemotional and, overall, invulnerable. Men, however, are…4 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Coalitions aren’t new in KZNAS political parties go into coalition in KwaZulu-Natal, we take a step back into the history of coalitions in the province since 1994. The first form of government in the country’s democratic dispensation was a type of coalition government referred to as a Government of National Unity (GNU) in 1994 between the ANC, National Party (NP) and IFP. The GNU illustrated the positive potential of coalitions as tools that could contribute to political stability for several reasons. First, it was a power-sharing arrangement meant to oversee the process and finalisation of the new Constitution, as per the agreement of the Codesa (Convention for a Democratic South Africa) negotiations. Second, it promoted and maintained amicable relations between key political actors, in particular, the ANC, IFP and NP, who were and could…4 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16African Court of Justice impotent in ending human rights abusesIt has been 16 months since Sudan was plunged into a civil war, pitting the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) against the rebel force, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Multiple diplomatic endeavours by various parties such as the US, Saudi Arabia, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development and the AU to bring the conflict to an end and restore peace have hit a brick wall. An estimated 16 000 people have been killed, 10 million have been forced out of their homes and 25 million (half of Sudan’s 50 million people) are reported to be in urgent need of critical humanitarian assistance. If the conflict continues, millions of Sudanese will be facing starvation and death due to famine. Both sides have been accused of committing war crimes including torture, rape, arbitrary…4 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16SA, India shift to the Right may impact BRICSON JUNE 10 and 11, the core BRICS foreign ministers, new members and guest countries met in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. They discussed significant global developments and the implementation of the entity’s programme, which focuses on politics and security, economy and finance, as well as cultural and people-to-people exchanges. The assembly, characterised by noble intentions, shed light on the broader impact of conflicts, particularly emphasising the situation in Palestine. It also stressed the principles of mutual respect, understanding, equality, solidarity, openness, inclusiveness and consensus. The meeting’s outcomes reflected progressive ideas, distinct from recent ideological shifts within some of their member states. The gathering took place against the backdrop of significant political changes in two BRICS countries. India’s seven-phased Lok Sabha elections, from April 19 to June 1, and South Africa’s May…4 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Aid work must continue unhinderedTHE Group of Seven (G7) leaders said the UN Palestinian refugee agency must be allowed to work unhindered in war-torn Gaza, in a statement at the end of their talks in Italy on Friday. “We agree it is critical that UNRWA and other UN organisations and agencies’ distribution networks be fully able to deliver aid to those who need it most, fulfilling their mandate effectively.” They called for all parties to facilitate “rapid and unimpeded passage of humanitarian relief for civilians in need” in Gaza, particularly women and children. UNRWA, which co-ordinates nearly all aid to Gaza, has been in crisis since January, when Israel accused some of its Gaza employees of involvement in the October 7 Hamas attack that sparked the war. That prompted many governments to suspend funding…1 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Xhaka scores 10 out of 10 as Swiss overwhelm HungaryGranit Xhaka and Dominik Szoboszlai are the No 10s, captains and respective driving forces of Switzerland and Hungary – but it was Xhaka who took the plaudits with a superb all-round display in his team’s 3-1 Euro 2024 victory yesterday. Kwadwo Duah, Michel Aebischer and Breel Embolo scored the goals in a generally dominant Swiss display, despite Hungary briefly rallying at 2-1 after a goal by Barnabas Varga. With 126 caps to his name and seven years at Arsenal under his belt, Xhaka is enjoying something of an Indian summer. He was key in Bayer Leverkusen’s surprise Bundesliga title and led from the front yesterday as the assured-looking Swiss got their Group A campaign off to a perfect start. Still only 31, he is vastly experienced, and that priceless ability…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Germany get off toblistering Euros startGERMANY manager Julian Nagelsmann said he would not be a “killjoy” after the host nation’s blistering start to Euro 2024 – a 5-1 thumping of Scotland in Munich on Friday night. With five different players scoring goals – Florian Wirtz, Jamal Musiala, Kai Havertz (penalty), Niclas Fullkrug and Emre Can – Germany delivered their best showing so far under Nagelsmann, and one of their most convincing team performances in some time. Scotland’s lone effort came via an Antonio Rudiger own goal in the 87th minute. “I’m pretty far away from being a killjoy,” Nagelsmann said, adding “it doesn’t make much sense to step on the brakes now”. Nagelsmann, who at 36 is the youngest coach in Euros history, has turned around a side which won just three of 11 games…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Riveiro: Pirates’ three points against 14th same importance as a derbyMamelodi Sundowns once again asserted their dominance in South African football as they clinched their seventh successive league title. Bringing back the glory days of the ‘shoe shine and piano’ style of play, Sundowns have been dismissive to all comers, and they will once again be the team to beat next season. Orlando Pirates edged Stellenbosch FC on goal difference to seal second spot, and steal a CAF Champions League place on the last day of the season. Fighting tooth and nail, both sides still ended well short of the 73-point benchmark set by Bafana ba Style. The order of the DStv Premiership table is a true reflection of the best three teams in the country in all competitions. It is a statement that a few might argue, but the…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16USA qualifying for Super Eight is a big deal, says skipperTHE USA advanced to the Super Eight stage of the T20 World Cup on Friday when their match against Ireland was abandoned, an outcome which meant former champions Pakistan were eliminated. Ground staff spent hours working to dry the wet outfield at Lauderhill, but shortly after the umpires had inspected conditions a huge downpour ended any hope with the field quickly under water once again. The USA reach the last eight in their debut appearance in the T20 World Cup largely thanks to their shock win over 2009 champions Pakistan. A USA defeat to Ireland would have handed Pakistan the chance to leapfrog into the top two when they face Ireland at the same venue today. Instead, the early exit is a bitter disappointment for Pakistan, who were beaten finalists…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Springbok reality hit home for FassiHe never became despondent after being dropped from the Springboks, and knew he had to go back to work on some things in his rugby to reach the peak of the sport again. That is exactly what Aphelele Fassi did when he returned to the Sharks after his Bok debut in 2021, and lost his spot after only three Tests. But, he regained that form that made him a national player three years ago, and feels ready to kick on after getting this second chance. The Boks will start their Test season against Wales next Saturday at Twickenham (3pm SA time start), and the London duel could see the Sharks star make his long-awaited return to the side. After this international, a two-match series at home against World No 2…4 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Nche makes the cut as Bulls dominateURC Team of the Season with six spotsThe Sharks may have had a forgettable United Rugby Championship season, but still managed to have a player selected in the overall team of the season. The Elite XV, which is decided by a media panel vote – with players having had to make at least nine appearances in the tournament – saw Sharks No 1 Ox Nche make the cut after a number of excellent performances for the Durban side, who finished in 14th position on the log. The Sharks, though, clinched the Challenge Cup title in order to qualify for next season’s Champions Cup tournament. Another Sharks star, fullback Aphelele Fassi, clinched the Try of the Season award for his superb effort against Edinburgh. There were quite a few other South African players who made the URC team.…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16AI-assisted technique makes girl’s crooked legs straightIn a remarkable medical feat, a teenage girl’s crooked legs were straightened using a novel AI-assisted technique. The young girl, Ayesha from Himachal Pradesh, was born with bowlegs. Bowleg is a condition in which a person’s legs appear bowed (bent outward) even when the ankles are together. In Ayesha’s case, both her legs and thighs were bent outward. During her school years, this condition led her to become increasingly introverted, grappling with feelings of inferiority and struggling to engage socially due to her condition. Doctors at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital resorted to an Ilizarov fixator and six-axis correction software to correct her deformity. “This is a hexapod that has six legs and can move in any direction,” said Manish Dhawan, Senior Deformity Correction Surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. “These…1 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Green light for place of prayerThe Ballito Muslim Trust have been given the go ahead to build a place of assembly that will be used for prayer. After waiting three years for approval, the trust was granted permission last month by the KwaDukuza Municipality to begin construction of the place of assembly in the Ballito Business Park. Imam Bilal Vally, a trustee, said they were looking forward to the laying of the foundation in July. “This has been long awaited. These premises are being built to cater for 350 to 450 people and will be used as a cultural centre and prayer hall by the residents of Ballito and those that work in the town. “Currently we are using a temporary facility as a musalla (a space apart from a mosque, mainly used for prayer).…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16SA ranked as world’s friendliest nation, here’s the Top 10...South Africa is a friendly nation. That’s a fact and there’s a study to back it up. According to a survey by relocation group Remitly, South Africa took first place as Top 10 of the world’s friendliest nations. The group revealed that more than 3 000 people from around the world participated in its survey, the Big 5 Personality Test. Remitly said its Big 5 Personality Test is based on the scientific “Big Five” model of the five key personality traits: openness, conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion and neuroticism. “The questions in our study are based purely on the agreeableness aspect of the test, as it’s deemed the most effective way to gauge social harmony. Respondents were asked questions to ascertain how much concern they feel for others, whether they take…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Young entrepreneurs inspire youth to grab opportunities in tourismSOUTH Africa, like many countries globally, grapples with the challenge of youth unemployment. The tourism industry is a sector rife with opportunities and could be a catalyst in changing the country’s unemployment statistics and providing employment for young people. As part of Youth Month and Youth Day celebrations, we spoke to four young entrepreneurs, Twin Venture founders and twins, Gugu and Busisiwe Ngcelwane, 30, in Cape Town, Curiocity founder Bheki Dube, 32, in Johannesburg and Somopho Hills founder, Lungani Mthembu, 35, in Empangeni. Twin Ventures is an adventure travel business offering sand-boarding and quad-biking services to visitors at Atlantis Dunes. Curiocity is a network offering accommodation and experiences for travellers in Johannesburg and Cape Town while Somopho Hills is an adventure park offering outdoor activities including trail hiking, paintball,…6 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Why aren’t we teaching entrepreneurship at school?Globally, entrepreneurship is widely viewed as a remedy for numerous socio-economic challenges including poverty, unemployment rate and inequality, and as a catalyst for economic growth. However, it’s essential to acknowledge the inherent challenges associated with entrepreneurship, particularly in South Africa where success rates are low and small businesses often struggle to thrive. How do we adequately prepare individuals to navigate these challenges? The government and policymakers have made concerted efforts to cultivate environments conducive to business development, yet the ecosystem remains less than supportive in South Africa. Despite the availability of support mechanisms such as government programmes, incubators, accelerators and entrepreneurship-training institutions, there’s a concerning trend of high business discontinuance rates outweighing new business creations. This raises significant doubts about the future viability of entrepreneurship as a solution to the…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Meet the young SA fashion and beauty content creators making noise in industryThis is an important year for South Africa as we celebrate 30 years of democracy. With June being Youth Month, we spotlight Gen Z and Millennial fashion and beauty content creators making a noise in the industry. Sinethemba Duma With over 30 000 followers on Instagram and almost 400 000 followers on X, Duma is one of the leading fashion influencers in South Africa. Known for her sense of humour, Duma doesn’t play when it’s time to work. She has worked with fashion brands such as Mr Price and Aldo. She recently cut her dreadlocks and bagged a collaboration with Dark and Lovely for their Au Naturale range. Duma is currently on a weight-loss journey and her followers believe she will continue to deliver great content. Kamohelo Pule Pule breaks…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Siblings Biko’s Manna receive standing ovation on ‘AGT’Joburg’s singing trio, Biko’s Manna – singer Biko 17, guitar player Manna 14, and Mfundo 9 – are working hard at accomplishing their dreams of stardom. The siblings recently wowed the audience and judges on season 19 of America’s Got Talent (AGT), receiving a standing ovation and “yes” from all four judges. For their audition, the siblings performed Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin and they delivered an energetic performance. Clips of their performance have been shared online, receiving widespread applause from South African personalities such as Cassper Nyovest, Boity, Manaka Ranaka, Celeste Ntuli, Abdul Khoza and Khosi Ngema. “I love them! I think we all do. Such amazing energy,” the multi-award- winning Nyovest wrote on Instagram. Judge Howie Mandell said: “You are young and talented ... It’s early…1 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Eskom group chief executive’s 100 days updateOn Friday Eskom Group Chief Executive (GCE) Dan Marokane shared progress from his first 100 days in office towards addressing Eskom’s business challenges and to repositioning the utility for growth and sustainability. THE first 100 days have been focused on assessing the effectiveness of the Generation Operational Recovery Plan, reviewing the progress on the implementation of Eskom’s unbundling, and engaging with internal and external stakeholders to create and build alignment, as well as putting in place the building blocks for the creation of a competitive and sustainable Eskom. The Generation performance has shown a steep change, with almost 80 days of no load shedding to date and unplanned outages consistently around 12GW (with a low of 9.5GW at one point), that is below the winter planning assumption of 15.5GW which…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Former SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni passes on at 60The family of businesswoman and former SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni is in mourning following news of her passing, which was announced by the JG Zuma Foundation yesterday. According to the foundation’s spokesperson Mzwanele Manyi, Myeni, who was also the foundation’s chairperson, passed away on Friday evening. “The foundation confirms with a heavy heart that its chairperson passed on last night,” Manyi said. It was not immediately clear where she had died, but Manyi asked that the family be given privacy as they were grieving heavily over the loss. “The family is still dealing with these sad developments and will not be entertaining any media queries. The foundation is requesting the media to respect the family’s position.” Myeni, 60, had been a divisive figure, with some people blaming her for the…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Couple receive gold at Comrades MarathonA HUSBAND and wife achieved a rare feat in last week’s running of the Comrades Marathon, both taking gold. Givemore Mudzinganyama, 34, placed tenth in the men’s section and his wife Nobukhosi Tshuma, 31, was the fifth fastest woman finisher in her section of the event, and they both achieved gold medals for their performances. The first 10 finishers in the men’s and women’s section of Comrades, which was run from Durban to Pietermaritzburg this year, are assured of gold medals. The pair, who are originally from Zimbabwe, but now live in Clayview, Tembisa, made their debut at the ultramarathon and are already looking forward to next year’s event. They credit each other for their gold medal performances. Coming into the race, they had in mind what would be credible…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Bikers to feed underprivileged kidsVOLUNTEERS affiliated to the Nelson Mandela Youth Centre in Chatsworth plan to feed more than 400 people as their contribution to Youth Day that is being celebrated today. A team of 40 youth and adult volunteers will work together with the Revolution Motorcycle Club and deliver meals to the community of Welbedacht. Clive Pillay, the youth centre’s co-ordinator, said the area they would feed had many improvised families. Therefore, they were always ready to help the people of Welbedacht. “We will be going into a poor community to bring youth together and feed them. For years we have been hosting feeding outreach initiatives there because of poverty.” Revolution Motorcycle Club riders are expected to ride into the area and rev up the mood by playing music. However, the day is…1 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Kaunda’s posting to NCOP came as a shockTHE redeployment of ousted eThekwini mayor Mxolisi Kaunda to the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) came as a shock to ANC alliance partners who were kept in the dark until the news broke on Wednesday. Sources within the ANC and its alliance partners said Kaunda was “pushed out” because the party was no longer happy to have him leading the country’s second-biggest economic hub. The ANC provincial leadership announced Kaunda’s removal from the City a day later, which became effective on Friday. He was due to be sworn in on the same day in Cape Town as a member of the NCOP. An ANC insid er in the province said the relationship between Kaunda and the provincial structure was sour for a while and deteriorated in the build-up to the…4 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Speaker: Work to improve citizens’ lotTHE re-elected speaker of the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature, Nontembeko Boyce, appealed to all members of the provincial legislature (MPLs) to put aside their political differences and work for the improvement of the lives of the province’s citizens. Speaking after being elected in a tightly contested race against former Msunduzi deputy mayor Mervyn Dirks from the uMkhonto weSizwe Party (MKP) on Friday, Boyce stressed the importance of focusing on ensuring that KZN citizens’ living conditions improved. “Democracy is a mess, but what sets us apart may not be as important as what unites us,” said Boyce in an appeal for unity among fellow MPLs. A teacher by profession and a union activist formerly with the SA Democratic Teachers Union, she is renowned for her activism, especially on gender- related…1 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16MKP members bicker over allocation of legislature seatsTHE uMkhonto weSizwe Party (MKP) has brushed aside suggestions that tension surrounding their list of candidates for members of provincial legislature (MPLs) seats, which bubbled over outside the KZN legislature on Friday, hampered their chances to lead government. As MPLs prepared for the swearing in ceremony, a scuffle broke out between MKP members and supporters outside the legislature. They squabbled over the list that had been submitted to the legislature. Independent Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) spokesperson Thabani Ngwira indicated that the MKP members’ list, like other political parties’, was the one that had been published by the IEC following the announcement of results. He pointed out that circ*mstances such as resignations or deaths would result in list changes. Spokesperson for the office of the speaker, Nomusa Phungula, confirmed…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Paramedics unable to save crash victimsFour people were killed after the vehicle that they were travelling in veered off the R617, at the Merrivale intersection yesterday morning. According to Midlands EMS spokesperson Roland Robertson, the car landed down an embankment, on its roof. “Paramedics made their way to the scene with rescue equipment,” he said. “All four occupants were trapped. Paramedics, along with rescue workers, began to cut into the vehicle to gain access and assess the extent of their injuries,” Robertson said. He said the passengers were all declared dead at the scene. Meanwhile, the N3 Toll Concession has warned that high traffic volumes are expected to continue along the N3 highway this weekend. “In an attempt to ensure the safety, convenience, and mobility of all road users, N3TC’s toll plazas will be operating…1 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Koko challenges ABB’s immunity from prosecutionFORMER Eskom acting CEO Matshela Koko has launched an application at the Gauteng High Court, Johannesburg, to challenge the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) and Swiss-based company ABB’s deal which saw the firm sidelined from prosecution for corruption. This after Koko brought an application seeking an order to declare the “guaranteed” immunity from criminal prosecution granted to ABB by the Investigative Directorate (ID) unconstitutional and unlawful. Koko cited the “lack of judicial oversight and prosecutorial misconduct”. This was after ABB entered into alternative dispute resolution (ADR) with the NPA, underpinned by the commitment to reveal everything. Koko believes the ID has overstepped its authority by granting ABB guaranteed immunity without judicial oversight, which amounts to prosecutorial overreach. He said the ID’s decision should be subject to judicial scrutiny. Koko was arrested…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16YOUTH MONTH CBE set to tackle skills gap and joblessnessTHE Council for Built Environment (CBE) has launched an initiative to tackle youth unemployment and the skills gap in the Built Environment sector. Following Statistics South Africa’s report of a 45.5% unemployment rate among 15 to 34-year-olds for Quarter 1 of 2024, surpassing the national average of 32.9%, CBE launched the Built Environment National Logbook (BENL) on March 8. BENL is a comprehensive database that not only tracks students, graduates, professionals and artisans but also provides academic support, historic debt payment assistance, work skills training, entrepreneurial awareness, and other opportunities. CBE said the pressure of inequality, poverty and the skills shortage in the Built Environment sector were exacerbating this problem. “In 2023, the CBE conducted a research study on factors hampering the registration of candidates in the Built Environment…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16ANC upbraided for ‘letting down’ black professionalsA number of former government executives, politicians and analysts feel that the governing party and the government have failed to create an environment where black professionals can be “audacious and bold” in the pursuit of the transformation of the South African economy. They say that among other policies aimed at reversing inequality, the ANC pushed its transformation agenda for 30 years since democracy. Despite the party’s policy direction, former Eskom executives Brian Molefe, Matshela Koko and the former chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Public Service and Administration and the Portfolio Committee on Economic Development, Dr Makhosi Khoza, felt the ANC failed to protect black professionals in top government positions. Ex-Transnet CEO Molefe said the work environment within which black professionals operated, “especially those who are in government and parastatals”,…4 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16EFF accuses Fitch Ratingsof meddling in SA politicsThe EFF says that the recent Fitch Ratings’ suggestion of their preferred coalition outcomes is an example of how Western rating agencies have been meddling in South African politics in favour of capitalists. The party said these agencies used their influential position in global financial markets to sway political outcomes to favour the capital and financial markets. The red berets said this in a statement welcoming the AU’s Peer Review Mechanism’s (APRM’s) remarks on Fitch’s comments. Fitch Ratings made the comments following the results of South Africa’s May 29 elections, where the ANC received 40.18% of the vote and lost its parliamentary majority. The DA, which is the main opposition party, received 21.81%, followed by the uMkhonto weSizwe Party (MKP) at 14.58% and the EFF with 9.52%. The results mean…5 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Building a cohesive democracy fitting tribute to the class of ’76TODAY marks the signal turning point in our troubled history, when schoolchildren were prepared to sacrifice themselves in Soweto and other labour reservoirs that we still call townships, in united peaceful protest in the face of horrific oppression. June 16, 1976, changed the nature of liberation, resulting in rising levels of brutality, the indiscriminate killing of unarmed protesters, and other forms of violence by the apartheid state, the remnants of which still remain. The imposition of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction was the spark that lit the fire of outrage against the entire system of oppression and exploitation. June 16 was not just about ending Bantu education; it was about rekindling the struggle for political and economic emancipation. Our erstwhile liberation organisations know how they benefited from June 16…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16US ramps up humanitarian aid as historic famine loomsThe US has announced another $315 million (R5 781m) for hungry Sudanese as it continues to press the warring sides to end obstruction of aid, warning that a famine of historic proportions could unfold without urgent action. The aid will include food and drinking water, as well as malnutrition emergency screening and treatment for children. It comes as estimates say that five million people inside Sudan suffer extreme hunger, with food lacking also in neighbouring countries where two million Sudanese have fled. “We need the world to wake up to the catastrophe happening before our very eyes,” said Linda Thomas- Greenfield, the US ambassador to the UN, on Friday. “We’ve seen mortality projections estimating that in excess of 2.5 million people – about 15% of the population – in Darfur…4 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Kate waves to crowds in first public appearance since cancer diagnosisKate, Britain’s Princess of Wales, waved to crowds and smiled broadly from the balcony of Buckingham Palace after watching a military parade yesterday, making her first public appearance this year as she undergoes treatment for cancer. The princess, 42, spent two weeks in hospital in January after she underwent major abdominal surgery. Two months later she announced in a video message that tests had revealed the presence of cancer. Her illness coincided with that of the British monarch, King Charles, 75, who has also been undergoing treatment for cancer. He returned to public duties in April, and has remained busy, although his diary commitments are being limited to minimise risks to his recovery. She is still undergoing treatment, but her improved health meant she was able to appear in public…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Richards Bay have PSL fate in own handsRichards Bay FC held off an inspired University of Pretoria charge for maximum points as both sides played to a 1-1 draw at the Tuks Stadium yesterday. The result leaves the KZN side still in pole position to retain their PSL status heading to the final match of the promotion-relegation play-offs. Richards Bay lead the log on five points from three matches, but with a better goal difference of +1 over AmaTuks, who are also on five, but have a goal difference of zero and have completed their four games. Now Richards Bay have their fate in their own hands, as they only need a draw against Baroka FC in the final match of the play-offs on Wednesday to stay in the Premiership. The crunch encounter with high stakes was…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16‘Bowlers kept Proteas in the game’Just when Nepal looked well on course to engineer a massive upset against the Proteas, spinner Tabraiz Shamsi turned on the magic to claim two wickets to set up a thrilling one-run win in yesterday’s T20 World Cup clash at the Arnos Vale Stadium in Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines. But it all came down to the final over from Ottniel Baartman, with Nepal needing eight runs to win, and the Warriors star conceded just six to maintain the South Africans’ unbeaten start. “(We wanted) to keep it really simple. We thought if we were still hitting a hard length, the odd one would shoot low and we could keep the stumps in play,” Proteas captain Aiden Markram was reported as saying on the ICC website. “I didn’t want…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16England are ‘a threat for anyone’, but must dispel doubts against SerbiaENGLAND’S attacking arsenal sees them start Euro 2024 as the bookmakers’ favourites to end a wait since 1966 to win a major tournament, but some doubts persist over the Three Lions ahead of tonight’s opener against Serbia (9pm SA time start). Gareth Southgate’s men have won just one of their last five matches – including a 1-1 draw with North Macedonia and a shock 1-0 home defeat to Iceland in their final warm-up match before flying to Germany. England are still expected to cruise through a group that also includes Denmark and Slovenia. However, a dominant display is required against the Serbs in Gelsenkirchen to settle nerves at the start of another tournament filled with high expectations. The biggest question over England’s credentials to be European champions is at the…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Mofokeng in Bafana Cosafa prelim squadPSL clubs have shown a dramatic change in attitude towards the Cosafa Cup competition. In the past, local sides only offered fringe players or those who hadn’t played for weeks for the Cosafa Cup selection. As a result, the Cosafa Cup had to draw heavily from the First Division and amateur ranks. In the last tournament, Bafana fielded a team that included seasoned players who had hardly played that season, and they finished third. Bafana coach Hugo Broos has ex- cused himself from the Cosafa Cup tournaments and his assistant Helman Mkhalele will take over the reins. Last year Mkhalele did not have the required coaching badges and could not occupy the technical area. He has since acquired the coaching badges and will lead the team on the sidelines, and…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Saner enters Olympics with sights set on goldSouth African Olympian and fencer for the 2024 Paris Olympics, Harry Saner, hopes to be the knight in shining armour for Mzansi as he sets his sights on gold to complete a dream that began when he was nine years old. The now 23-year-old has always been fascinated by castles and swords, and 14 years after falling in love with the sport of fencing and begging his father to join a club, he will carry his sword into war against the best the world has to offer. His journey to Paris has been filled with joy, but the seed planted needed a lot of care to bear fruit through every challenge and pain, and Saner reaped rewards with his biggest achievement in his career so far. Speaking about the day…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Quan takes Bok by the Horns in quest for higher honoursOn the Sunday morning after the Lions’ devastating United Rugby Championship loss against the Stormers, Springbok newcomer Quan Horn switched his phone on, and he was flooded with plenty of messages and missed calls. At first, he didn’t know what was happening because he went to bed early that Saturday night, tired after playing his heart out in his side’s quest to achieve a first-ever knockout spot in the URC – but it was not to be for the Johannesburg outfit. But just after midnight, the first Springbok squad of coach Rassie Erasmus’ second tenure was announced, and Horn was one of the newcomers selected. The 22-year-old Lions fullback was awakened with plenty of messages of congratulations after making the 35-man group, despite his side’s agonising loss the previous afternoon.…3 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Tips to maximise luck on your birthdayQ: Namaste Maheshji. Thanks for educating the community. Thank you for suggesting a beautiful name for my daughter. If I recall correctly, sometime back, you wrote an article about birthdays. You said that one candle on a birthday cake should not be blown out. If this is correct, please explain why. I know people say babies are clever. I am very happy. What can I do to brighten my baby’s future because I can see she’s clever and I want her to be in a good profession later in life, be happy and prosperous and have love. Just before I fell pregnant, I dreamt of God. Whenever the baby sees pictures of God, she raises her hand and acknowledges them. I await your response. EM A: The following are general…4 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-16Call for whisky revolution in IndiaWhisky pioneer Paul John has called for a significant shift in the liquor-consumption habits of the people in India. The Indian liquor baron, who owns the multiple award-winning John Distilleries, feels that as a country with a varied profile of liquor, India needs to develop a palate for finer notes. John said that so far, the Indian liquor industry had been mainly selling rum to consumers, and calling brandy or whisky different things. “This has been happening for 200 years,” John said, as he demanded a change in the consumption habits while also pointing out how single-malt was not supposed to be diluted with water, as was common Indian practice. “I don’t know whether you can blame the British because they introduced the system of Indian-made foreign liquor when they…2 Min
Sunday Tribune|2024-06-165 steps to help manage heightened risks for business travellersRecent events have highlighted just how precarious corporate travel can be these days. According to FCM GM Bonnie Smith, it’s becoming a tricky challenge for companies whose employees are constantly criss-crossing the planet. FCM is a global corporate travel services provider in 95 countries. Smith said that these corporate travellers are facing an extraordinarily complex mix of risks that could put a serious pinch on their travels. For instance, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sent shockwaves throughout the industry, with rerouted flights, economic upheaval and nuclear fears compounding the dangers. The coming US elections could reshuffle foreign policies and hot spots like the Middle East and demonstrate how logistical snags in one area can massively disrupt travel plans worldwide. “This volatility poses massive headaches for businesses which are legally required…2 Min
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