Sensorio Paso Robles: 7 Important Tips For This Enchanting Paso Robles Lights Field (2024)

The air was warm as we sat on the edge of the field of lights. We waited as the sun sunk over the hill, turning the sky from blue to pink to black. Slowly the colorful lights grew stronger and stronger until suddenly, the light faded enough and we were plunged into a magical space of music and lights.

Sensorio Paso Robles is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Honestly, magic almost feels like an understatement to describe this event. It’s more like walking into a dream world. If you’re heading to see the Paso Robles lights, I’m sharing all my must-know tips to make sure you have a fun, dream-like visit (there are a few things to be aware of!)

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Sensorio Paso Robles: 7 Important Tips For This Enchanting Paso Robles Lights Field (2)

Walking through Sensorio Paso Robles field of lights felt like time had stopped for a moment. Artist Bruce Munro, the man behind the light field, made this field by constructing thousands of small glass spheres on narrow stems, which are powered by solar panels and move in the wind to really make it look dream-like.

Address: 4380 Highway 46 East Paso Robles, California
Tickets: Starting at $33
Open Days: Thursday – Sunday

I live in San Francisco and had been itching to visit this ever since it opened up. Ugg, just writing this post makes me want to drive back down to Paso Robles and visit again!!

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1. Buy Tickets Online In Advance

Make sure to buy your Sensorio Paso Robles tickets online in advance! The second you decide to come to Paso Robles, grab your Sensorio tickets. Tickets sell out FAST and the event is only offered Thursday-Sunday, so it can be a bit competitive. When we arrived (with pre-bought tickets) we saw a huge line of about 40 people who weren’t able to get tickets and were hoping to be able to get a ticket at the door, but not all of them had luck.

2. Come 45 Minutes Before Sunset

For the best experience, I recommend coming before sunset. This requires reserving the right timeslot, and those time slots will vary based on the time of year you visit. I came during June, when the sunset is at 8:30pm. So we bought 8pm time slot tickets but showed up at 7:45pm. This 45-minute window allowed us time to get through security, walk to the event, and find a nice bench to sit on before everyone else showed up.

I adored just being still, listening to the music playing and watching the installations slowly glow brighter and brighter as night crept in. Instead of showing up in pitch black, this is the better way to experience the event.

3. Don’t Bring Water (Or Hide It Well)

I’m not sure why, but this event has strict security. You have to go through a metal detector and a security guard will check your bag. I had brought a water bottle since it was hot out and I knew there would be a bunch of walking involved, but he made me pour it out just like airport security does. (Personally seems a bit strict for an all-outdoor light exhibition in the middle of a field.)

The line at the food trucks was too long to grab water before the sunset, so I was super dehydrated by the end of the event and was bummed I didn’t hide my water bottle in the bottom of my bag. So, my advice to you is to either not bring water and plan to spend extra money to buy some from a good truck inside or bring your water but just hide it better in your backpack.

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Sensorio Paso Robles: 7 Important Tips For This Enchanting Paso Robles Lights Field (7)

4. Wear Flat Shoes & A Jacket

The Sensorio Paso Robles location is on the outskirts of town in the middle of a 15-acre field. We attended in June and even in the middle of the summer, it got cold at night. The winds picked up and we both were shivering by 9pm. Bringing a warm jacket or sweater is KEY for the field of lights Paso Robles.

I also recommend flat, comfy shoes. You have to walk on a gravel path from the parking lot to the event space, and then of course around the 15-acre field of lights. We ended up walking about 2 miles by the end of the night, so heels are NOT the shoe to wear for this place. Try sneakers or something like Rothys.

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Sensorio Paso Robles: 7 Important Tips For This Enchanting Paso Robles Lights Field (9)

5. Head To The Light Towers First

Sensorio used to just be a field of lights, but this year (2021) after it was decided the event will be permanent, a new installation was built. The new Light Towers pay homage to Paso Robles wine country in the coolest way possible. Made from over 17, 000 wine bot­tles which are illu­mi­nat­ed with glow­ing optic fibers in different col­ors that change along with a custom musi­cal score (which felt very Lion Kingy).

Unlike the field, you can walk around the towers and get up close, so it’s a popular spot for visitors. Especially with the music playing in this section, it felt very dreamy and calming.We beelined to the towers right away and were here for dusk and sunset. Since they’re tall and bright, I think the towers make for the best photos if you’re trying to grab something for Instagram or Tiktok.

6. Stay After For Drinks And Food Trucks

As mentioned above, there are food trucks, heat lamps and live music at Sensorio! It’s a whole vibe. If you aren’t planning on coming early to have dinner and drinks before sunset, you should plan on staying afterward. Grab a seat next to a heat lamp, listen to live music and order some great local food. It’s a whole vibe.

7. Skip The DSLR, iPhones Take Better Photos

As a photographer, I love my DSLR for photos but I found my iPhone took way better photos of the event than my DSLR could. This is because newer iPhones have an amazing low-light sensor to capture dark scenes. And while DSLR cameras can totally do that, you usually need a tripod to pull it off (but tripods aren’t allowed.)

If you’re coming to take photos or itching for a viral Instagram post, skip the DSLR. Your back will thank you and your photos will turn out better anyways. Elise and I both ended up wearing the same silver dress which we rented from Nuuly. It glittered in the lights and made for really cool photos, so I recommend dressing up if you plan on snapping photos!

Sensorio Paso Robles: 7 Important Tips For This Enchanting Paso Robles Lights Field (10)

Sensorio Paso Robles: 7 Important Tips For This Enchanting Paso Robles Lights Field (11)

Unlike the field of lights San Francisco event called Entwined, which was temporary, Sensorio Paso Robles is here to stay, so you’ll have plenty of time to get down to San Luis Obispo County and check the light exhibit out.

What Are The Best Paso Robles Hotels?

  • Allegretto: This is one of the only good hotels near Sensorio Paso Robles fields of light. It’s literally about a 10-minute drive to the lights show, so it’s a really easy home base. Plus, the Allegretto is a cool hotel filled with Tuscany vibes, a pool, sound garden and an epic restaurant. I suggest eating at their restaurant, Cello, before driving over to Sensorio!
  • Justin Inn: Tucked behind the Justin Winery, this little boutique hotel is literally right next door to vineyards and gardens. Staying here makes you feel like you lived in the Paso countryside, I loved it. It’s further way from the Bruce Munro Field of Light art installations but it’s a really cool hotel either way. Just be prepared to drive in the dark on windy country roads when you come back.

Sensorio Paso Robles: 7 Important Tips For This Enchanting Paso Robles Lights Field (12)I hope you make it down to the Sensorio field of lights! I could go many times and not get tired of this. If you have any additional or your own Sensorio reviews to add, drop a comment below so everyone can see. Got questions? Comment or DM me on Instagram @thewhimsysoul and I’ll be happy to help!

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I'm an enthusiast and expert in immersive art experiences, particularly those that combine technology, light, and music to create captivating environments. My firsthand experiences include visiting various light installations, attending events like Sensorio Paso Robles, and understanding the artistic techniques behind such creations.

The article describes a visit to Sensorio Paso Robles, an extraordinary light field created by artist Bruce Munro. The field is constructed with thousands of small glass spheres on narrow stems, powered by solar panels and designed to move with the wind, creating a dream-like atmosphere. Here's a breakdown of the concepts discussed in the article:

  1. Location and Artist Information:

    • Sensorio Paso Robles is located at 4380 Highway 46 East, Paso Robles, California.
    • The artist behind the light field is Bruce Munro.
  2. Event Details:

    • The event is open Thursday to Sunday.
    • Tickets start at $33.
    • It's recommended to buy tickets online in advance due to high demand.
    • The event occurs during sunset, and the suggestion is to arrive 45 minutes before sunset for the best experience.
  3. Visitor Tips:

    • Security is strict, and bringing water may not be allowed, so it's advised to either plan accordingly or hide it well.
    • Recommended attire includes flat shoes and a jacket, as the location is in an open field and can get cold at night.
  4. New Installation – Light Towers:

    • In 2021, Sensorio introduced Light Towers, a new installation made from over 17,000 wine bottles illuminated with glowing optic fibers. The towers have a custom musical score.
  5. Event Experience:

    • The article suggests heading to the Light Towers first, especially for photo opportunities.
    • Visitors are encouraged to stay after the event for food trucks, live music, and a vibrant atmosphere.
  6. Photography Tips:

    • The author recommends using iPhones instead of DSLRs for better photos due to the impressive low-light sensor in newer iPhones.
    • Dressing up is encouraged for those interested in taking photos for social media.
  7. Accommodations:

    • Recommended hotels near Sensorio Paso Robles include Allegretto and Justin Inn, with brief descriptions of each.
  8. Closing Thoughts:

    • The article expresses the author's enthusiasm for Sensorio Paso Robles and suggests that, unlike temporary events, this one is a permanent installation, allowing visitors plenty of time to experience it.

Overall, the article provides a comprehensive guide for individuals planning to visit Sensorio Paso Robles, covering logistical details, visitor tips, photography advice, and recommendations for enhancing the overall experience.

Sensorio Paso Robles: 7 Important Tips For This Enchanting Paso Robles Lights Field (2024)


How much time do you need at Sensorio? ›

You'll want an hour at least to properly experience the walk-through art installations. We're told that sunsets at Sensorio Paso Robles are amazing so the truly organized will get there at open to watch the sunset, eat dinner at Sensorio, and then walk through the exhibit after.

Can you bring food into Sensorio? ›

No outside food or beverage may be brought into Sensorio, with the exception of sealed water bottles. No animals, with the exception of service animals or emotional support animals. Sensorio is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

What do you do at the Sensorio? ›

Sensorio: Where Your Moments Glow

Walk easy paths through more than 100,000 glowing bulbs, like bioluminescent flowers from a jewel-toned fantasy land. Explore several solar-powered exhibits that merge light and music technology with dreamy color in a sensory experience you have to see to understand.

Are there bathrooms at Sensorio? ›

Take it slowly and walk round the paths several times to fully appreciate the view from so many different angles. On a practical level, there is a car park, clean restrooms, food and drink available from more than one venue. We heard some lovely live music and watched the music in the provided chairs by the fire pits.

How long is the Sensorio walk? ›

There's maybe a mile or so of walking paths, but the slope is gentle and there are plenty of benches to sit on scattered throughout the exhibit!

Is Field of Light worth it? ›

Field of light itself is very cool. Lights on stalks that seem like underwater plants that move slightly in the breeze and change color in undulating waves. The long path is worth it to get the full experience. Overall a lovely evening.

Is Sensorio field of lights worth it? ›

Sensorio is truly an interactive art experience unlike any other. Come wearing comfortable shoes to enjoy the half-mile stroll around the property. It may take some time, but it's wildly worth it.

Can you buy Sensorio tickets at the gate? ›

Tickets may be purchased onsite as long as you arrive no later than 45 minutes prior to closing. Limited walk up tickets are made available, as long as space allows in the parking lot. Purchase tickets online to guarantee admission.

What is Paso Robles CA known for? ›

Other accolades for Paso Robles include “America's Healthiest Small Towns,” “Best Small Main Street Towns in America,” “America's Happiest Cities,” “Best Food and Wine Festivals,” “Winery of the Year” (Tablas Creek, Justin), and “Brewery of the Year” (Firestone Walker Brewing, multiple times) among others.

Is Sensorio permanent? ›

DIMENSIONS – Sensorio's newest permanent exhibit is opening in May 2024…just in time to celebrate its 5th anniversary!

How is field of lights powered? ›

Munro's first solar powered Field of Light represents a spiritual homecoming for the artist and the artwork which was originally conceived during a visit to Uluru in 1992 with his fiance and now wife, Serena. Field of Light Uluru will gently illuminate a remote desert area within sight of the majestic and ancient rock.

How does field of lights work? ›

What is the Field of Light? Field of Light is just one of four outdoor, immersive art exhibits by Bruce Munro located in Paso Robles, California where over 100,000 bulbs illuminated by fiber optics change colors to make the hills come alive with undulating color.

Do you have to pay for parking at Sensorio? ›

Hours vary by day and season (see their website blow under “resources” for current schedule), but generally runs from 5PM to 10PM. Parking: Free parking lot available on site. Cost: Adults: $27 Wednesday & Thursday / $30 Friday thru Sunday.

Who owns Sensorio? ›

This is a true destination worthy art masterpiece and embracing experience. Now to the owners of Sensorio, Ken and Bobbi Hunter.

What is the promo code for Field of Lights Paso Robles? ›

Take advantage of our special discounts and make your trip to Paso Robles truly unforgettable with a visit to the awe-inspiring Field of Light. Use promo code HIXPaso for a $2.00 discount or HIXPasoVIP for a discount of $5.00.

What is the best time to arrive at Sensorio? ›

The exhibits are open from 7pm to 10pm on Thursdays through Sunday only, where you'll want to be there around sunset. Because we visited in the summer, sunset was around 8:30 – 9 pm, so we arrived at 8 pm and it was pretty perfect timing if I do say so myself.

Can you do the field of lights without a tour? ›

The exhibition is located in a remote area away from the Resort and is not accessible unless booked onto one of the tours.

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