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Noun. A banal thought terminating cliche used by boomers and boomer sympathizers to convey the failed "conventional wisdom" of their generation. These cliche sayings are typical political or economic in nature and are refutable by hard real-world evidence.

The burden of evidence required to refute a "boomerism" is often substantial, requiring reference to the CPI (Consumer Price Index), Wage Index, or other economic data available on FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data).

Millennials and Zoomers are too busy working their jobs as senior economic analysts, program directors, or serving coffee to pay off students loans, to refute boomerisms.

None the less, entitled boomers feel obliged to be provided with hours of high valued consulting work, at no cost, to disprove them. Millennials and Zoomers have adopted a strategy of responding to boomerism with the much less costly "Ok Boomer".

Boomer: "Well hello there youngster, what are you doing?"

40 y/o balding senior management wage slave: "Doing my taxes. It looks like I might be able to pay off my student loans and mortgage by the time I'm 83."

Boomer: "I see you are eating avocado toast there! You know, if you ate less avocado toast, and lived in a shoe, you could be free of debt by now!"

Waitress: "Now that's a boomerism, if I ever heard one."

40 y/o balding senior management wage slave: "Ok, boomer."

Boomer: "STOP! Ok Boomer is the new N-word!"

by neoproletariat November 10, 2019


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1.) a shortened way of referring to a baby boomer

2.) is a stereotype derived from the generation baby boomer. it’s most commonly used in the popular internet phrase “ok boomer”. it is a stereotype for baby boomers, and can be described as the old person who is against video games and electronics. the old people that always rant about how things are different. they seem to be easily annoyed by change and will take it out on everyone, especially kids. while actual baby boomers range from birth years 1944 to 1964, the stereotypical ‘boomer’ could probably just be 53, like my mom. she acts like a boomer.

Ex 1.)

old guy: “all you kids do is play on those fancy gadgets! back in my day we used to play outside in the mud and get dirty!”

joe: “ok boomer

Ex 2.)

exserohilum: “mom you’re such a boomer”

mom: “i’m not even a part of the generation baby boomer-”

exserohilum: “you still act like a boomer”

by exserohilum December 2, 2019


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Adj. A state of drunkenness. Inspired by ESPN's Chris Berman, aka Boomer, who is known for his catch phrase "rumblin' stumblin' bumblin'", a person who is boomered is all three of these things.

I've had a long week. Getting risky drunk isn't enough. I want to get boomered!!!

by Chap Daddy November 19, 2010


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an older man or woman who does not understand the meaning of things teens do

teacher: you should study more instead of being on you phone me: ok boomer

by lmaowhatisapseudonym January 12, 2020


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The people who blame everything on millenials and gen z, and have no respect for the younger generations. Most boomers at least. Some are nice people and others are f*cktards.

Boomers be like: Back in my day depression was great! now depression is just for losers!

Lil Timmy: But grandma, arent you the one responsible for the giant f*cking hole in the ozone layer?

Boomer: No... that is your generation's fault!

Lil timmy: how is that possible it has been around for longer than i have!

Boomer: its because of your phone!

Lil timmy: grandma i dont have a phone remember? The economy is so messed up because of you that were all too poor to buy a phone!

Boomer: back in my day the economy was great! now its destroyed becayse of you millenials.

Lil timmy: Grandma youre responsible for the messed up economy nowadays.. not the millenials.

Boomer: you voted for trump!

Lil timmy: no i didnt! im 7 years old.

Boomer: oh well its not my problem.

Lil timmy: i hate you grandma

Boomer: and i hate you too Jimmy.

Lil timmy: its timmy not jimmy

Boomer: okay Jimmy.

by Alexander the Great 412 November 8, 2019


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a slang term for hullucinagenic mushrooms containing psilocybin

where dem boomers at?

by Caine April 21, 2003


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The Noun "Boomer" a name for the older generations when they judge a more recent generation for what they do/use.

The Phrase "Ok boomer" Usually used to dismiss the older generation when they start to judge you.

"What a boomer, saying that they used carrier pigeons to pass messages than just tapping an app" said Jared.

"Back in when I was a kid we played outside until 6 0.m" Said an Old Woman

"Ok, boomer" replied Mary

by RazingG November 29, 2019


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