Wendy Williams reveals tiny waistline after 50lbs weight loss  (2024)

This 51-year-old is a beach babe with a side of celery and a healthy dose of curves to boot.

Just last month Wendy Williams announced she had dropped over 50 pounds and, on Saturday, the talk show host gave her new trim figure its beach debut.

As many people were still trying to get over their giant Thanksgiving meals, star was looking fantastic in Bal Harbour, Florida.

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Beach body: Wendy Williams showed off her over 50 pound weight loss inBal Harbour, Florida, on Saturday

The outspoken host was soaking up some sun and showing off her flat tum with husband Kevin Hunter.

The Wendy Williams Show host looked amazing in a vintage-inspired black ruched one piece.


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The bathing suit - which featured a small skirt - was perfect for displaying the talk show's host now much slenderer legs and tiny waist.

Wendy dropped the weight by going vegan, but while she may have given up eating meat, that does not mean she lost all the meat off her bones.

Fantastic physique: The 51-year-old looked amazing in a vintage-inspired black ruched one piece which was perfect for displaying the talk show's host now much slenderer legs and tiny waist

Not everything shrunk: The talk show host's surgically enhanced bustline meant her bathing suit's top even worked overtime, as Wendy quietly star reading next to her sleeping husband, Kevin Hunter, under the shade of their personal cabana

In fact, it was not just her now ultra-slender waist that was being shown off in her one piece, herpneumatic chest was also stealing plenty of attention too.

Wendy's surgical enhanced bust was hard to miss as she emerged from her dip in the cool ocean.

Never one to be coy about her surgery, the star seemed perfectly content with flashing some serious flesh.

Beach bling: The talk show host may have been at the beach but she was not about to tone down the glamour wearing her bathing suit with a matching ruched skirt, multiple diamond rings and bracelets as well as a diamond bow in her hair

Her bathing suit's top even worked overtime, as Wendy quietly star reading next to her sleeping husband under the shade of their personal cabana.

Slow and steady: Wendy embarked on her weight loss journey back in 2012 (pictured) by adopting a vegan diet

While most people were doing their best to cover up their post-holiday bulge - courtesy of a few servings of turkey or two - Wendy did not have to worry about that thanks to her new vegan diet.

Earlier this month Wendy revealed that after years of yoyo dieting she decided she needed to make a complete change and now is.

The star has cut out meat and dairy and tries to avoid refined sugars and eating after dark, which has led to her dropping 50 pounds over a three year period.

She said on her own After Show she also had to learn self control: 'Because of all the crazy diets I've been on, none have ever been as effective as [saying to myself], ''Just push back, fatso. Just stop eating so much.'''

Food is no longer something she loves as much: 'I don't love food as much as I used to. I've picked up on other great habits like juicing.'

The star also tries to workout more but for health and not weight reasons.

'I go to the gym because it's not about me losing weight at this point, it's about me trying to fight heart disease.

'Slow and steady is the name of the game. It's not going to happen overnight. I no longer believe in fad diets, crash diets.'

Wendy said she did have a little help thanks to her doctor.

'Yes, I did have a jump-start because years ago I did get the liposuction and a tummy tuck, but I have to say that, if there is a poster child for plastic surgery and the jump-off to a new lifestyle, it would be me.'

'In 1994 I got this done. And I'm thinner now than I've ever been.'

The 51-year-old is a strong advocate of plastic surgery, describing her motivation for going under the knife - to have a breast enlargement and liposuction -as something she did for herself and no one else.

‘I just wanted to fit into good clothes,’ she told People in 2009. ‘I wanted the body that matched my personality. And the body I have now matches my personality.’

Wendy Williams reveals tiny waistline after 50lbs weight loss  (2024)
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