What Does It Mean When Your Left Hand Itches? 6 Explanations (2024)

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How to interpret an itchy left hand according to different superstitions and beliefs

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  • Common Meanings for an Itchy Left Hand
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  • Other Possible Meanings
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  • What to Do if Your Left Hand Itches
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  • What if your right hand itches?
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  • What if both hands itch at the same time?

Your left hand is itching and you’re starting to wonder: is your luck about to change? Should you run out and buy a lottery ticket? Or save your money for a rainy day? There are lots of superstitions surrounding an itchy left hand, most of which involve money. And while there’s no science to back them up, superstitions provide us with lots of ideas for what to expect and how to improve our luck. We’ve compiled a guide on what an itchy left hand means in various cultures and belief systems, as well as what to do when you feel that itch yourself. Keep reading to learn how to interpret your itch!

Things You Should Know

  • In many cultures, an itchy left hand or palm is a sign of bad luck. Often, it’s related to money.
  • Some traditions say that an itchy left hand is considered bad luck for a masculine person, but good luck for a feminine person.
  • Scratching the itch with wood can improve your luck, according to some superstitions.
  • Keep an open mind and don’t assume the worst. Sometimes bad luck is followed by good luck.

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Common Meanings for an Itchy Left Hand

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  1. 1

    In western traditions, an itchy left hand is a sign of bad luck. It could be something minor, like a flat tire or an argument with a friend. Or something more serious, like losing a job. There’s no way to know. But things might get tough in the near future.[1]

    • Don’t assume the worst. Sometimes, bad luck and good luck can come your way at the same time—such as making a new friend after receiving an unexpected bill. One instance of bad luck may not be the whole story.
    • Remember that bad luck is temporary. Whatever happens will pass, and new opportunities will present themselves.
  2. 2

    If your left palm itches, you might be about to lose money. According to the Hebrew Bible, an itchy left palm is a bad omen for your finances.[2] Maybe your phone bill will be higher this month, or your household income is about to drop. It could even mean the economy is about to take a hit. Whatever it is, money troubles might be heading your way.

    • Be careful with your money. Watch your spending habits and avoid buying things you don’t really need.
    • Keep an open mind about your situation by remembering that losing money isn’t always a bad thing. Maybe the loss will go to charity or a cause you believe in. Or maybe the loss will be an opportunity to develop greater financial discipline, which could definitely pay off down the line.


  3. 3

    In some cases, an itchy left hand is considered good financial luck. One Irish superstition, for example, says that an itchy left hand means you’re about to be paid money—though you’ll have to spit in your hand to make this come true. On the flip-side, an itchy right hand means you’re about to pay out money, and spitting in your hand won’t help at all.[3]

    • Feeling lucky can drive us to take chances. In 2010, a woman from New York City won $64 million from a lottery ticket she bought after her left palm started itching.[4] We’re not saying the itch caused her to win, but she was definitely onto something!
  4. 4

    The meaning of an itchy left hand may depend on your gender. In some Indian traditions, an itching left palm is bad luck for a masculine person but good luck for a feminine person. The reverse is also true: an itchy right palm is considered good luck for a masculine person, while for a feminine person, it’s bad luck.

    • If you identify as neither feminine nor masculine—or as both—the meaning of an itchy left or right palm might be less clear.
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  1. 1

    If your left fingers itch, it could mean someone misses you. According to some superstitions, itchy fingers on your left hand means that someone is thinking about you and missing you dearly.[5]

    • If someone you haven’t spoken to in ages comes to mind when your left fingers itch, you may want to reach out and reconnect with them.
  2. 2

    An itchy left ring finger could mean your wedding is coming soon. This could mean that you’re about to be proposed to (or will do the proposing), or that you’ll meet someone you’ll want to marry down the line.[6]

    • If you’re already married or have no interest in marriage, an itchy ring finger could mean that someone you know will get married soon.[7]
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What to Do if Your Left Hand Itches

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  1. Try scratching the itch with a piece of wood. According to some Celtic traditions, scratching your palm using wood is said to improve your luck.[8]

    • If possible, avoid scratching it with your nails.
    • If the itching persists and causes you a lot of discomfort, consult a medical professional. They’ll help you identify and address any underlying health issues.

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What if your right hand itches?

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  1. An itchy right hand could be good financial luck. This could take the form of a salary increase, lottery win, or even a monthly bill that’s lower than expected.[9] If you’re feeling lucky, buy a lottery ticket or pop a quarter in a slot machine and see what happens.

    • There are lots of other possible meanings to an itchy right hand. It could signal good—or bad—financial luck, depending on the specific superstition. It could also mean you’re about to meet someone new, or that the time has come to make a difficult decision that could affect your life.
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What if both hands itch at the same time?

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  1. Both hands itching could mean that your spiritual energy is in balance. There are different interpretations of this, but it could mean that there will be an outflow and inflow of money or positive energy into your life. Think of it like a balanced checkbook, or a seesaw that stays perfectly level.[10]

    • When in doubt, meditate to reflect on your situation. Think about what has changed in your life lately, if anything, and how those changes have brought balance to your life. Understanding these changes empowers you to nurture the positive forces in your life while helping you cope with challenges and stress.

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