Which Costco Gas Stations Have Diesel: Your Guide To Fuel Options (2024)

As you consider fueling up your vehicle, it’s worth noting that many Costco gas stations offer diesel fuel, widely sought after for its efficiency and economy, particularly among truck and RV owners. When planning your refueling stops, be mindful that not all Costco gas stations provide diesel; their availability varies by location. Staying informed about which stations supply diesel can save you time and ensure consistent access to Costco’s competitive fuel prices as a Costco member.

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Costco has established a reputation for providing quality fuel that meets or exceeds industry regulations. If your vehicle runs on diesel, you can benefit from Costco’s commitment to quality with their Kirkland Signature diesel at certain locations. By utilizing your Costco membership, you can access their diesel fuel designed to deliver value and performance.

To find out if your local Costco offers diesel, a quick search online or a glance at their official gasoline and diesel information can provide you with the necessary details. This ensures that you’re not left guessing during your travels and can make the most of your membership perks wherever diesel fuel is available at Costco gas stations.

Costco Diesel Gas Stations Availability

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In the pursuit of cost-effective fueling options, many Costco gas stations across the United States offer diesel fuel. Not every location offers this service, so knowing which ones do is crucial for planning your trips accordingly.

Identifying Locations With Diesel

To find a Costco with diesel fuel, you can reference the Costco Diesel Locations Map. This tool is especially useful if you’re looking for specific Costco Gas Station locations that offer diesel. For instance, in California, diesel is available at the Costco on Rosedale Hwy in Bakersfield and on Telegraph Rd in Elk Grove. An up-to-date map will show you the exact locations where diesel is offered, including newer stations that may not yet be widely known.

Coverage by State

Costco gas stations provide diesel in various states, with some having multiple locations that offer this service. Here is an overview of the availability by state:

  • California: Widespread availability including sites on Cavitt Dr in Folsom and Lacey Blvd in Hanford.
  • Colorado, Idaho, Ohio: Multiple locations, such as the gas station on Prairie Ave in Hawthorne, Colorado.
  • Oregon: Locations with diesel include the one on Abby St in Fresno and Ventura Blvd in Oxnard.
  • Other states: Diesel service is accessible at specific gas stations in states like Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, and more.
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It’s important to note that states like Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington also feature Costco gas stations with diesel options. Availability can be subject to change, so it’s recommended to check before you go, particularly if you’re planning to visit a station in a state not listed above.

Quality and Pricing of Costco Diesel

When you fill-up at a Costco gas station, you’re not only taking advantage of competitive diesel prices but also the quality assurance of Kirkland Signature fuel. Your savings can be significant, especially when you utilize the benefits of your Costco membership.

Comparison to Other Brands

Costco’s diesel is known to adhere to high-quality standards, often compared favorably with other top-tier brands. The Kirkland Signature Diesel is designed to deliver optimal engine performance and efficiency. When it comes to price per gallon, you’ll typically find that Costco offers lower fuel prices than many competitors, helping you keep your fuel costs down.

Fuel Savings and Membership Benefits

Your Costco membership offers more than just savings on bulk items; it includes perks at the pump as well. Members can enjoy the benefit of getting cash back with the Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi, depending on the level of your membership and other terms and conditions. In terms of fuel economy, filling your vehicle with quality diesel from Costco can lead to a smoother ride and longer intervals between fill-ups. The combination of lower gas prices and membership rewards often results in significant savings over time, making it an attractive choice for savvy shoppers focused on saving money without compromising on quality or service.

Costco Diesel Fuel Specifications

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When you fill up at a Costco gas station that offers Kirkland Signature Diesel, you’re getting fuel formulated to meet Top Tier™ performance standards. These standards are designed to ensure your vehicle’s engine runs cleanly and efficiently.

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Deposit Control Additives

Kirkland Signature Diesel contains deposit control additives which play a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness of your diesel fuel injectors. These additives help reduce the build-up of deposits, keeping your engine’s injectors in optimal condition for efficient fuel delivery and combustion.

Fuel Injector Cleanliness

Keeping your fuel injectors clean is paramount for engine performance, and the additives in Costco’s diesel work to achieve this. Fuel injector cleanliness is not just about immediate engine response but also about the long-term health and efficiency of your vehicle’s engine. The better the condition of your injectors, the better your engine will perform.

Operational Insights

Your experience at Costco gas stations hinges on understanding the peak hours and operational efficiency. Knowing when to fill up and what services are available can enhance your visits, especially when diesel gas is your fuel of choice.

Peak Hours and Efficiency

Costco gas stations are known for their efficiency and top-tier fuel at competitive fuel prices. To avoid long lines, it’s best to visit during off-peak hours. Typically, weekdays during mid-afternoons are less crowded. Many locations open as early as 6 AM and close late, often as late as 9:30 PM, allowing for flexibility in refueling outside the local rush hours. Stations are strategically designed to maintain a swift flow, with features such as one-way traffic to keep efficiency at a peak.

Frequently Asked Questions

Managing a membership fee comes with its perks, and you might have queries about the additional benefits at Costco’s gas stations. One major question often asked is whether Costco gas stations offer diesel gas. Yes, select Costco locations across various states, such as Arizona, California, and Nevada, offer diesel fuel—a fact beneficial for RV owners who prefer Costco’s diesel for its quality and price. If you’re unsure about the availability of diesel gas at your local Costco, their website provides an up-to-date location map. Moreover, answers regarding fuel prices and station hours can be accessed through the Costco app, saving you time and keeping you informed.

Which Costco Gas Stations Have Diesel: Your Guide To Fuel Options (2024)
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